Sean Gold: Blog en-us (C) 2018 Sean Gold - All images are protected under copyright. (Sean Gold) Mon, 07 Mar 2016 19:23:00 GMT Mon, 07 Mar 2016 19:23:00 GMT Sean Gold: Blog 120 74 The Giants of Hong Kong Late last year I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the unique land that is Hong Kong.

This was one of my favorite, if not my most favorite views of the city. It's almost surreal to see these towering, giant buildings sprawling across the landscape, in every which way, and seemingly infinitely. To walk below them and between them, then to view them as a whole from above, as in this case from Victoria Peak.

This is the view from the mountain that is directly behind the city of Hong Kong, on Hong Kong island. You can get up it a few different ways, from buses to driving, but I ended up on the bit more pricey, and touristy, cable car that ascends the side of the mountain, offering incredible views along the way up, though you may have trouble seeing them if you're not in a seat and concentrating on not falling backwards when you go vertical on your ascension.

In hind sight, I wish I had visited this place at least once more, but it was a bit of a hassle to get to. Especially to photograph sunrise, but that would be even more difficult, and factoring in the giant 6 inch spiders I came across on the mountain, that's not really a place I want to be climbing in the morning darkness.

But if you do find yourself in Hong Kong, visiting Victoria Peak should be considered mandatory. There's no views quite like it.

- Sean Gold 

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Boston on Ice || Boston,MA Boston on Ice || Boston,MA

Welcome back!

I know it's been a while since my last posting here, but I was trying out a new blog on Tumblr, which was going well, but I sort of missed this blog here, so I'm starting it up again!

So if you're in the New England area, Boston especially, you don't need me to tell you what a crazy winter it's been. A new record of snowfall in the course of 1 month, and 3rd snowiest winter in our history, so far!

Though difficult, I headed into Boston one night to check out the conditions, and made my way over to the Seaport, which was covered in snow!

Here's one of the images I made that night down by the harbor!

Boston on IceMy favorite view of Boston on a freezing winter night.

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New Lens, Old Favorite! || Seaport District, Boston MA Greetings!

Shortly after the return from my trip to Israel, I picked up a new lens to add to my tool set! The main type of lens I had been missing was an Ultra Wide Angle, and it was time that I got one! So, I did....and it's amazing!

I recently took it out to Boston to test it out and see how it performed and what I could capture with it. I ended up going to one of my favorite locations in Boston by the Seaport, to see my favorite view of the Skyline. It was a rainy day out, which can be a hassle, but it also often makes for very dramatic conditions, from wet grounds and objects, to great clouds that reflect colorful sunset light and such!

So after a few hours waiting for sunset and then for twilight, here's one of the images I captured that evening! Enjoy! :)

The Boston Skyline right after sunset and twilights begun.


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Atop the Mount of Olives "Just a little bit further, just a few more sets of steps." - That's what I kept murmuring to myself as I neared the end of my first few mile walk and then climb up The Mount of Olives, as the harsh and unforgiving Middle Eastern sun was beating down on me.

I made it to the top, scoped out my location, took my heavy bag off and just stared quietly into the distance, observing and taking in the moment, and imagining what I was about to create.

I watched as day turned to night, as it had for countless times throughout millenia on these walls I was looking across the way at, the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It was a beautiful moment. I kept thinking of who else through history has watched this same sunset on these same walls. It was mind boggling.

After the sun finally set, and night began to set in, the day dreaming stopped and the tripod came out!

Here's my image from that night, well, besides the panorama I may post soon too ;) Enjoy!

A stunning view of The Old City of Jerusalem from atop the Mount of Olives.

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Back in America! || Sunset Over Jerusalem What an adventure.

A month later and I'm back where I started, in my messy room with clothes that didn't get packed still all over the place, soon to be joined by clothes that did get packed and need to be washed. It's a tougher transition back than I expected, between the lifestyles, the cultures and the mind sets. Part of me is relieved, but more of me is anxious to return.

I wish I had the words, and you had the patience, for me to tell you about all the amazing things that happened and took place on this amazing journey, but that will take time. Much time. So for today I will keep it somewhat brief.

I met amazing new people, seen and experienced amazing places and things, and learned much about history, religion, culture, life, and most importantly, about myself. This trip turned out to be much more than I had expected it could ever be, and I believe it has changed me forever. Though we'll touch more on that later, for now let's get to my first photo I chose to post on my return!

Sunset Over Jerusalem

It was my second day on my own in the city of Jerusalem, and I decided to get a real grasp of the city. I set out to walk to a place called Mount Scopus, which I had less than a great idea where it was or how to get there. I first ended up at Mount Scopus hotel, which annoyingly wasn't located near the actual Mount Scopus.
I ventured on, through all sorts of neighborhoods and lives, the world was unraveling at my feet with every step. I also ventured through some not so safe areas that I was told about, but if you're not going to see everything, then why see anything?
I finally ended up at Mount Scopus, after a long day in the harsh Israeli sun, and 11 miles of walking behind me with my rather heavy camera bag on the whole way.
I arrived just before sunset and was greeted with this epic view of the sun as it set over the city and it was marvelous! I hastily got my camera out and setup my tripod in order to capture the image I share with you today!

Lastly, this is the first image I chose to share since my return, so it must be my favorite, right? Not exactly. It must be the best then, at least? Not really either. It's a lovely image, at least I think so, and I hope you do as well, but that's not why I'm sharing this image with you right now, at this time. It's also for me.
This is a Sunset. We've all probably seen thousands of them. They mark the end of the day, the end of something amazing, and it's sad. But, they also mark something else, the beginning. The beginning of tomorrow, of the possibility for something even better, to build upon what you gained yesterday.
And this is one of the many lessons I have learned on this voyage; I know the sun must set in order to rise.

I look forward to sharing more of my favorite images from this trip, as well as the many stories that I have accumulated as well!

Watching as the sun sets over the beautiful city of Jerusalem!

Till next time,

Sean Gold

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First post from Israel: Sunrise over The Sea of Galilee Shalom!

It's been too long! This is my 13th day in Israel and each and every minute has been utterly amazing! I have so much to share and so many great images to show! Though with all the awesomeness happening, it left me with no time to share or process my images, as well as not being able to find much wi-fi either. I am still on the go but my time is a bit more free at the moment so I wanted to get at least a quick post out, even though I won't have the time to put into it what I'd like, but that will be coming soon! :D

Sunrise over The Sea of Galilee       Tiberias | Israel

My first stop in Israel was at a city called Tiberias, which is right on, and overlooking the great Sea of Galilee! It's truly awe-inspiring to look at! This is primarily the main water supply for all of Israel!

On my 2nd day here I made the effort to get up at 5am in order to capture the sunrise over the mountains behind the sea. I also have a couple behind the scenes clips, though I don't have the time to share them at the moment, but I will soon enough!

So here it is, my first image to share from Israel, the beautiful sunrise, right as the sun breaks over the cliffs behind the Sea of Galilee and brings light into the world once again!

Till next time!

-Sean Gold

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Traveling to Israel! Greetings!

So as the title states, I'm leaving for my next big trip, and longest direct flight yet, to Israel very soon!

It's been almost a year since I last left the country for my month long trip to Paris last summer!
While in Israel, I'll be seeing just about the whole country and constantly on the move so I'm trying to balance between what I need and what I want so I can be lightweight and mobile, and not end up lugging something around that I never end up using..which wouldn't be the first time for me :P

My gear!My gear selection for my trip to Israel!
So above you can see what, at the moment, I'm planning to be my photo kit. Consisting of my Canon 60D, my 18-135mm lens, my 50mm lens and my 70-200mm lens, as well as my carbon fiber tripod, 580EXII flash (debating bringing 2) and my backpack bag with tripod holster and laptop compartment.

It's never easy cutting the fat with gear, since you can always dream up some crazy scenario where if you had brought that one thing, you would have gotten that shot that you couldn't otherwise, or so I tell myself. But these I feel are the bare bones of my needs, and coupled with a little creativity, ingenuity and perseverance, I think I'll have more than enough than I need!

As far as updates while in Israel, I'm not sure what internet availability will be like and how much time I'll have, or if I'll even have my laptop with me, but I hope to be able to share some images and such while I'm on the go over there, and if you'd like to follow along, the best places to keep up with me are my Facebook Fanpage or follow my personal Facebook Account, and also my Instagram will probably see some updates! You can also find me on Tumblr that I'm playing with a bit at the moment, but plan to post a lot more on in the near future!

Lastly, I'm planning to start writing more consistently and frequently, I'm looking to start posting 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as my last attempt at daily posts just wasn't working for me. 

So until Monday, have a great weekend!

Sean Gold

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Reset the Net on June 5th! Hey guys!

So I'm sure in the recent years, in one way or another, you've heard at least something about the NSA, Edward Snowden the spying programs and all the political mess that usually tends to follow it. Well as an artist who uses technology and the internet to create and share his work, and also as an activist who wants to see a better tomorrow for our country and the world, I would like to bring a couple things to your attention.

Now I know it's usually "taboo" for a business or even a person to try to instill their political will on their clients, customers and followers but I feel this topic, though political, transcends politics and encroaches more into our rights as civilized human beings and sets precedent for the way the internet will continue to develop and be used.

So with that little statement out of the way, most of us know that the NSA is collecting as much of, well, everything they can, on everybody, everywhere, all the time. From phone calls, to emails, to photos uploaded and shared on the magnificent innovation we call the internet. Well I'm not too comfortable with that idea, and for the most part, a large majority of America, and even the world isn't either. Even giants such as Google and other titans of business are concerned about these revelations of spying programs.

I think it's a travesty for this creation that enabled us of sharing, learning, educating, entertaining, and communicating unlike anything we've had before, to be get a bad rep and be used to spy on us, with no limit or oversight.

So with a few of my short thoughts on the matter out there, I would like to say that I support the effort known as "Reset The Net on June 5th". This is a movement to educate people on ways to be more secure online and to stop the NSA, as well as other unwanted intruders, from collecting your data in their "world wide net".

This effort is also supported by Google, Mozilla, CloudFlare, and many other hugely respected companies. It has also made press, including the front page of The Guardian and on NBC news.

I hope that you found something here compelling or intriguing enough to make you want to visit and at least watch their video and see what the talk is all about, and weigh out your own opinions on the matter.

The internet has changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine, and I don't think it's in it's, or our, best interest to see it used in such a massive, unregulated, indefinite bulk collection of our data, private and public.

I thank you for spending some of your time to read about this, and if you have any questions on the matter, I'd be happy to answer them or refer sources for your own investigations, and promise new images soon!


Long Live the Internet,

Sean Gold

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Entering The Hub Greetings! What a weekend! 

In case you weren't aware, last weekend was WWIM9 (World Wide InstaMeet #9) where Instagrammers all around the world, from Boston to Paris, organized and took to the streets to capture the world around them!

It was a great two days full of great images, great people and fun surprises! One such as the Boston Zombie March that I stumbled upon Saturday while heading to our meeting spot!
There were hundreds of "zombies" gathered in front of South Station preparing to make their bloody march through Boston! It was my first time hearing of this and some of the costumes were amazingly creative and well done! I captured some interesting photos of it, but didn't stay too long. Perhaps I'll share them in another post.

As for today's photo, after Sunday's "Instameet" ended, me and couple of other photographers/adventurers continued wandering the streets of Boston in search of light and compositions.
We wandered down city streets and alley ways, and we eventually found some old abandoned railroad tracks that we decided to explore down for a bit.
After miles of walking and exploring, the sun began to set and we headed back towards the city. On our walk back, we were crossing a bridge I've never been on before and I looked over to see the iconic Boston Skyline with these amazingly dramatic and stormy clouds looming above!
It was pretty dark out at this point, and for one of the very rare times, I had left my tripod at home. I wasn't sure how I was going to get the shot, but I knew I had to.
After some quick thinking, and a little bit of panicking, I found a good section of railing that I could rest my camera on to stabilize it for the 3 seconds I needed to get a good exposure.
I set my camera settings properly, took a deep breathe, began to exhale slowly, and clicked the shutter. I took about 5 shots, just to be sure.
I then went to review the images, fearing of seeing a blurry mess, and low and behold....... it worked! I was able to just eek out one image that was crisp, sharp, well exposed, and exactly what I wanted!

I think this one might just be one of my favorite Boston images now! How about you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! :)

A dramatic and stormy look at the beautiful and iconic Boston Skyline from afar.

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Another Night at The Seaport So our harsh New England winter is finally subduing and the weather is stabilizing, much more as of late, so a few weeks ago I decided while I had to attend a meeting in Boston, that I would take my camera along.

I've been to the Seaport more times than I can count at this point, even before I was a photographer. It's such a beautiful and relaxing place, especially at night. I could sit there for hours and never run out of wonderful things to think about and ponder. I also could never run out of photographs to be make there!

So here's my latest image of the Seaport at Night, though I'll hopefully have one more soon, as I discovered a very cool composition I want to make here. I couldn't last time as there were people with lighting equipment set up in my way, even though they weren't even using it for quite some time...but that just gives me an excuse to go back!


My first night time visit to the Seaport for 2014. Not much has changed, though they did start lighting up the small bridge to the left!

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Vif Reves de Paris: A Year Later In one month will mark one year since I departed for my month long adventure in Paris, and one of the most amazing and memorable trips of my life thus far.

There is no book or teacher in the world that can substitute travel, or that can substitute experience.

From my first visit to Paris when I was 17, I had fallen in love with this City of Lights. It was different, and that's all that mattered at first. Strange people, strange language, strange customs, yet I felt most comfortable in my uncomfortability, most alive.
It was goodbye to the world that was mine, and into the one that was theirs.


This was I think my 5th trip to Paris, but it was my most adventurous yet, as it was my first time going as a photographer. It was seeing this city with new eyes and with new purpose. I've never done so much or seen so much, as I did with my camera in hand.
It was my reason, no, more like my excuse to bare witness, to wonder, to explore, to wander every street and every structure. To think about all that I saw in the most deepest of ways, and to learn as much as I could about everything I saw and everything I touched. To immerse myself in every moment. To feel that with every photograph, I'm trying to unravel a mystery.

It took me hours to whittle down my collection of images to the ones that I think best tell my story. So I'm trying to be as brief as possible here and let it speak for itself.

This video is to commemorate my voyage, to commemorate getting lost, to commemorate the journey and the great friends that I've made along the way, and to commemorate life and all the beautiful things it beholds. 

This is the record of my passing. This is me in the flow, trying to leave something beautiful.


Without further adieu,

Vif Reves de Paris | Sean Gold

(I recommend clicking the "Auto-HD" button and choosing 1080p, or the highest resolution your monitor or device displays, as well as watching in Full Screen mode, for best viewing results.)

Vif Reves de Paris | Sean GoldA slideshow to recount my voyage, adventures and discoveries in the beautiful city of Paris, France last year.

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HarborWalk at Night Greetings! Happy May!

It's been a long and tough Winter, and Spring is taking its sweet time to set into place, but the good weather is starting to linger longer and longer!

A few nights ago I headed into Boston to do a few things, as well as attend a meeting for an upcoming trip that I'll talk more about as the time arises, and I brought my camera along to venture into the night with afterwards.

After my meeting, I headed down to the Seaport, which is a place I love to frequent, and for the first time in a very very long time, I went to the opposite side than I normally do and found this great boardwalk! I love the look of wood with the sheen of the street lamps soft light bouncing off of it!

I made some very interesting images here, such as this one, and a few more of the Skyline that we all love, from a different angle, then continued down the HarborWalk for a few hours enjoying the warmish Spring air and the breeze off of the ocean before heading to North Station to make my way home.

I'll be looking forward to spending late summer nights wandering the streets of Boston in search of light and stories to tell!


HarborWalk at NightHarborWalk at NightThis beautiful section of the HarborWalk in Boston is a wonderful place of tranquility on these warm Spring nights.

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Cobblestone Tranquility It feels like just yesterday that I was in Paris, wandering the night time streets and getting lost in an attempt to be found, but in reality it's been almost a year! And I'm still finding great images I made there even now, in my collection!

This was one of the nights that I stayed out till about 4 O'clock in the morning roaming night time streets and exploring places more low key in the Parisian area. It's amazing for such a busy and hectic city during the day time, how quiet and still it becomes during the night, in most places. It's like the sleeping giant, or the eye of the storm, just an enormous mass of energy, quietly sitting still before it rises to motion and chaos once again. I treasure these moments of solitude and tranquility, they're little drops of time where all seems to stand still, for more than a moment.


One of the normally busy streets of Paris, empty and quiet in the very late hours of the night.

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A Parisian Midnight With summer quickly approaching and warm weather finally returning to New England, it brought me to back to wandering the midnight streets of Paris last summer.

This was the night I started at Sacre Coeur at sunset, and then headed down towards Montmartre on my way to Moulin Rouge. As I left the Montmartre area, coming down the hill, I came across this wonderful cafe! I spent a good amount of time here waiting for just the right shot with the people all in good position and also no traffic coming through. When I look at this image, I feel a beautiful sense of nostalgia back to that beautiful warm night, treading the midnight streets of Paris till the sun rose once again. I can smell the smells, and hear the music that was playing, and the sense of belonging that was in the air. I look forward to my next rendezvous here!

A French cafe in Paris called "Le Nouveau Carillon" captured at Midnight.

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The Colors of Miami It was the first night in Miami with the rental car and it needed a good test drive. The most logical place was to head down to Key Biscayne, as it's one of my favorite views of the Miami Skyline! It's a great view, but it's always terribly tough trying to get to a good spot that you can actually pull over to. They don't make it easy for photographers, and then once you get past a certain point, if you missed one of the pull-in spots, you can't turn back and you have to go through the tolls again. Not this night, but another night, a friend and I ended up going through the tolls I think about 4 times since we kept missing the spot we wanted, but it was well worth it at the end!
The bright and colorful lights of Downtown Miami reflecting across the way to Key Biscayne.

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Sunset in Paradise So as you may know, I recently spent about a month in Miami, pursuing a few leads but mostly seeking adventure and new things to photograph! :)
While I was down there I ended up catching up with a newly found old friend that had gotten into photography recently. With eyes set on adventure we made plans to go down to the keys for a day of photographing and adventuring!
The day came and early that morning I met with my friend Crystina, and was also introduced to her very interesting friend Earl and we hit the road!
It's quite a bit of a ride down there from Miami, but it was made unnoticeable due to an unending amount of good conversation and discussion, as well as a food stop and good leg stretch.
We first stopped at a Bird Sanctuary and got some interesting shots there, mainly of some very friendly Pelicans! There were quite a few tropical birds in the area and some beautiful views! It was also a very cool place as they would take in injured birds of all kinds and treat them! It was a great little stop, till I noticed that the trees were full of spiders, which I can easily say, I was less than thrilled about that discovery..
Crystina feeding the Tarpin!
After that I was brought to the main attraction of the trip you could say, it was a place at Islamorada where you could "Feed the Tarpin". Which translated into buying little bait fish, and hand feeding said little fish to these rather large fish called Tarpin, with teeth mind you, and also fending off hoards of hungry scavenging and vicious pelicans. As if spiders weren't enough excitement for me..
In actuality, despite the vicious birds, fish with teeth, and free flying spiders, it was an amazing day out and adventure, accompanied by some very awesome friends!

Photo of the Day - Sunset in Paradise

After the day had passed us by and it was time to head back to the mainland, we were around Key Largo or so I believe as the sun began to set and you could see this amazing light casting on the water!
We desperately tried to find an area to pull over and get to the coast with our cameras, as that type of light only lasts for about 15 minutes, if you’re lucky.
After a few minutes of slightly frantic driving, we found a little area to pull over and quickly grabbed our cameras and headed to the beach. Today’s photo is one of my favorites I got from that very spot!

A beautiful sunset in the Florida Keys, as the goldish light reflected off of the huge clouds and bathed everything in this amazing light!

]]> (Sean Gold) Florida Florida Keys Keys Ocean Sunset Travel Mon, 24 Mar 2014 04:35:32 GMT
Midnight in Miami I've been to Miami quite a few times, actually, more than quite a few, but this was my first time really exploring downtown Miami! It was an amazing adventure! Just getting lost and finding awesome views and cool places, such as this one, and watching all the glowing buildings that surround you or off in the distance! I also discovered the "People Mover" which I must say was pretty awesome, and it's free! For those of you who don't know, it's a completely automated monorail system that runs around Downtown Miami and operates about 50 feet or so off the ground, great for catching some cool views!


One of the places I came across while roaming the streets of downtown Miami.

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The Reflecting Pool Boston really is one of my favorite places to wander, other than Paris of course, I always seem to see things a little bit differently every time I do so. One of my favorite places to wander and relax by is the reflecting pool by the Christian Science Center in the summer time. I sometimes feel like I'm in another place, and if I stare into the reflections long enough, another world even. This is definitely one of the little treasures of Boston if you catch it on just the right evening!


The reflecting pool of the Christian Science Center here in Boston, shot at twilight.

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Twilight at Montmartre Twilight at Montmartre
Today I decided to reminisce a little about my most recent trip to Paris. I truly think I could live the rest of my life in Paris alone and never get bored of the endless photographic possibilities!
This is an area in Paris called Montmartre. It’s a very classical and authentic feeling area of Paris, and I love it there! I feel it’s what most people think all of Paris looks like (which it doesn’t) .
It’s also a very artistic area, where there’s many painters and drawers and other amazing artists creating all sorts of unique pieces, most of them as you watch! The talent is truly amazing and I could watch them paint and draw and create for days. Most of the artists are very personable as well, very friendly and kind and open. Truly a breathe of fresh air. Though I wouldn’t recommend eating or drinking there, unless you don’t mind paying a good fee for the beautiful atmosphere, as it gets quite expensive quite quick, as I learned the hard way when 3 glasses of beer came out to 27 Euros, which is about 38 dollars or so.
If you find yourself wandering through the streets of Paris, I implore you to make the trip to Montmartre, it’s well worth it, and you also have the very famous church Sacré Cœur, which perhaps I’ll have to dig up a photo of there to feature next now :)
A bientot!

Arriving just in time for twilight hour at the beautiful Montmartre area in Paris to capture this scene.

]]> (Sean Gold) City Cityscape Europe France Montmartre Night Paris Shops Twilight Thu, 06 Mar 2014 06:26:26 GMT
Miami Sunrise I rose at 5 in the morning and made my way down to the beach in the twilight preceding sunrise. I watched the calmness and stillness of the sea, and contemplated my 3 weeks in Miami, and taking the plane home later that afternoon. It didn't last too long though, as shortly after, construction on the building next to me (which hopefully I'll be photographing when it's finished :) commenced and the stillness faded into the yelling of workers and roaring of machines. That's when I decided to walk.

In all my years of going to Miami, and all the time I've spent there, I don't think I've ever watched the sunrise. It was spectacular. Inch by inch I watched this glowing ball in the sky grow, and as it grew I watched it spear the clouds with it's mighty rays. The sea grew agitated, commencing to churn and waves starting to crash. It was like somebody flipped the "on" switch and the world was starting up from it's dormancy, for a bright new day.

I think I prefer sunrises over sunsets now. Though they're still a bit too early for me.

Watching the Sun rise off of Miami Beach on my last day in Miami.

]]> (Sean Gold) 2014 Beach Florida Miami Sun Sunrise Fri, 28 Feb 2014 05:19:31 GMT