Sean Gold: Blog en-us (C) 2019 Sean Gold - All images are protected under copyright. [email protected] (Sean Gold) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Sean Gold: Blog 120 74 My European Adventure: 2 weeks, 4 countries, and 6 cities in 7 days: Part 1: Intro Wow! What a crazy 2 weeks it was! And I'm ready to start sharing this incredible journey with all of you!

Welcome to my European adventure!


This will be your intro to this great adventure, where I'll talk a little bit about what inspired it, how I began to plan it, and then an overview of the trip, to be followed up by individual posts for each significant part of the trip! So, let's get started, shall we?

It all started with Paris. I've been there quite a few times, and it is one of my favorite cities that I've been to, but I haven't been in about 5 years. So an opportunity arose to go for fairly cheap due to some travel hacking tips as well as a place to crash for a couple weeks. Booked.

Awesome! I'm going back to Paris! For 2 weeks! Cool! I can see all the things I've seen before...again...for 2 weeks..? Hmm. Maybe 2 weeks is a bit long for a city I've been to so often. It would be great to have a couple little trips to break things up... I know! Maybe I'll go to Cannes for a few days in the South of France! But, I've been there too, and my great uncle there is going through some things, maybe not the best time. Hmm. Oh! Maybe my friend Natyra whom I met traveling while in Israel is still living in Switzerland! I could see her for a day or so and check out Switzerland a little bit, the trains are pretty cheap, no? searches trains to Zurich Wow! This is doable, and I've never seen Switzerland! Let me shoot her a message!

After speaking with her, turns out she won't be there when I will, as she is going on her own adventure. But, the idea is already in my head, and so are these prices. But, if it's so cheap to go to Switzerland....where else could I go?

From here, the adventure began to take shape: I would spend 1 week in France, with a 2 day trip to Normandy, and then I would spend the 2nd week traveling across Europe, but where to go? The first place that came to mind, was Amsterdam. It's a famous place I've always heard about, not very far from Paris, and has cheap buses that go there. That will be the first stop.


Okay, now where to? Let's see. Switzerland is still in my mind, and there's an overnight train to Luzern, so I can sleep on the train, save money by not getting a hostel, and get there right at day break! Awesome!


Okay, wow, hostels are pretty expensive in Luzern, plus I don't think I need more than 1 day there, so what could I do.... Woah! Where is this amazing place?!? Lauterbrunnen? Sold! I'll go there the same evening, sleep there, and have 1 day there!


Okay, I've seen an amazing Swiss sort of metropolitan city, I've seen an amazing Swiss country side village, what about something in the middle, a bit of a cross of both? Enter, the Swiss city of Lugano! On the coast of Lake Lugano, and on the border of Italy!


Alright, now I need to get back to Paris, and I have one day before my flight that I could use for this trip, or spend it in Paris...Hmm....Off to Milano, Italy it is, where I can score a cheap TGV train ticket back to Paris from!


Whew! Pretty crazy, huh? 6 main cities in only 7 days, and even more, that you'll read about later!

So to recap, the plan was, Monday, November 5th, overnight bus to Amsterdam, leave at 11pm, arrive at 6:30am. Stay there that night. Wednesday, leave at 7pm, arrive at 8am in Luzern, Switzerland on Thursday. Leave Thursday night to Lauterbrunnen, sleep there. Leave Lauterbrunnen Friday evening, arrive in Lugano. Leave Lugano on Sunday night, and arrive in Milan that night. Leave Milan on Tuesday morning, and arrive back to Paris.

From now on, I will refer to the 2nd week as "The Euro Trip", and after booking my hostels and train tickets, it came out to $371.00 for that week. Perhaps I'll break down these costs further in another post later on if you'd like that?

So, with this brief introduction and overview out of the way, the next chapter will be either on Paris or my adventures in Normandy, where I explored the beaches and monuments of the D-day invasions! Make sure to check back in for the next installment! And feel free to ask any questions you may have!


Sean Gold

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A Day in Provincetown - The Return of the Blog! Hello! Welcome back!

It's been far too long, but I've finally decided to revive my blog after about 2 years of neglect.

For the last couple of years I've mostly been focusing my efforts on my Instagram @SeanGoldPhotos, which I still will, but finally came to the conclusion that it wasn't enough to fully share my experiences as I'd like, and to the extent that I'm able to here. So, without further ado...

It's was 4am. I had just went to bed about 2 hours ago. I pop up anyways and go over my bag I hastily packed the night before. It looks good. I take my phone off the charger, my portable battery pack as well, and I'm out the door.

I meet up with my friends and after a small delay, we're on our way before the sun had even awoke.

It's about a 2 hour drive from where we left to Provincetown, and it's quite the gorgeous drive, especially in the early morning.

Our first stop after arriving was at Race Point Beach, where we saw some seals as well as a wild fox combing the beach. Can you see him in the grass in the photo below?

After that we went to check out more of the town and other beaches.

After exploring the main street and such for a little while, we decided to rent bicycles and explored more of the coast, ultimately ending up on a bike path through the sand dunes!

Later in the day, we took a water shuttle to the tip of the Cape, called Long Point. You can actually walk there, which I wanted to do, but we were tight on time, and turns out there's quite a bit of poison ivy along the way as well I was told after. Once there, after watching the seals play a bit and explored a little bit, I took my drone out and took to the skies for this next series of images. And be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to check out my video from this trip as well!

Well, thanks for checking out my blog, whether you're returning from before, or it's your first time, thank you! And I hope you'll follow along on my journey! I've got quite a backlog of things to post about! And I'll leave you with my drone video I made from this day! Enjoy!

Drone Views of Provincetown

[email protected] (Sean Gold) America Cape Cod Drone Massachusetts Ocean Provincetown Thu, 09 Aug 2018 16:39:04 GMT
The Giants of Hong Kong Late last year I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the unique land that is Hong Kong.

This was one of my favorite, if not my most favorite views of the city. It's almost surreal to see these towering, giant buildings sprawling across the landscape, in every which way, and seemingly infinitely. To walk below them and between them, then to view them as a whole from above, as in this case from Victoria Peak.

This is the view from the mountain that is directly behind the city of Hong Kong, on Hong Kong island. You can get up it a few different ways, from buses to driving, but I ended up on the bit more pricey, and touristy, cable car that ascends the side of the mountain, offering incredible views along the way up, though you may have trouble seeing them if you're not in a seat and concentrating on not falling backwards when you go vertical on your ascension.

In hind sight, I wish I had visited this place at least once more, but it was a bit of a hassle to get to. Especially to photograph sunrise, but that would be even more difficult, and factoring in the giant 6 inch spiders I came across on the mountain, that's not really a place I want to be climbing in the morning darkness.

But if you do find yourself in Hong Kong, visiting Victoria Peak should be considered mandatory. There's no views quite like it.

- Sean Gold 

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Boston on Ice || Boston,MA Boston on Ice || Boston,MA

Welcome back!

I know it's been a while since my last posting here, but I was trying out a new blog on Tumblr, which was going well, but I sort of missed this blog here, so I'm starting it up again!

So if you're in the New England area, Boston especially, you don't need me to tell you what a crazy winter it's been. A new record of snowfall in the course of 1 month, and 3rd snowiest winter in our history, so far!

Though difficult, I headed into Boston one night to check out the conditions, and made my way over to the Seaport, which was covered in snow!

Here's one of the images I made that night down by the harbor!

Boston on IceMy favorite view of Boston on a freezing winter night.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2015 Boston Cityscape Ice Night Skyline Snow Travel Winter Tue, 17 Feb 2015 19:09:59 GMT
New Lens, Old Favorite! || Seaport District, Boston MA Greetings!

Shortly after the return from my trip to Israel, I picked up a new lens to add to my tool set! The main type of lens I had been missing was an Ultra Wide Angle, and it was time that I got one! So, I did....and it's amazing!

I recently took it out to Boston to test it out and see how it performed and what I could capture with it. I ended up going to one of my favorite locations in Boston by the Seaport, to see my favorite view of the Skyline. It was a rainy day out, which can be a hassle, but it also often makes for very dramatic conditions, from wet grounds and objects, to great clouds that reflect colorful sunset light and such!

So after a few hours waiting for sunset and then for twilight, here's one of the images I captured that evening! Enjoy! :)


[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston Cityscape Travel Twilight Fri, 15 Aug 2014 05:54:36 GMT
Atop the Mount of Olives "Just a little bit further, just a few more sets of steps." - That's what I kept murmuring to myself as I neared the end of my first few mile walk and then climb up The Mount of Olives, as the harsh and unforgiving Middle Eastern sun was beating down on me.

I made it to the top, scoped out my location, took my heavy bag off and just stared quietly into the distance, observing and taking in the moment, and imagining what I was about to create.

I watched as day turned to night, as it had for countless times throughout millenia on these walls I was looking across the way at, the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It was a beautiful moment. I kept thinking of who else through history has watched this same sunset on these same walls. It was mind boggling.

After the sun finally set, and night began to set in, the day dreaming stopped and the tripod came out!

Here's my image from that night, well, besides the panorama I may post soon too ;) Enjoy!

A stunning view of The Old City of Jerusalem from atop the Mount of Olives.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2014 Cityscape Israel Jerusalem Old City of Jerusalem Travel Tue, 05 Aug 2014 05:48:43 GMT
Back in America! || Sunset Over Jerusalem What an adventure.

A month later and I'm back where I started, in my messy room with clothes that didn't get packed still all over the place, soon to be joined by clothes that did get packed and need to be washed. It's a tougher transition back than I expected, between the lifestyles, the cultures and the mind sets. Part of me is relieved, but more of me is anxious to return.

I wish I had the words, and you had the patience, for me to tell you about all the amazing things that happened and took place on this amazing journey, but that will take time. Much time. So for today I will keep it somewhat brief.

I met amazing new people, seen and experienced amazing places and things, and learned much about history, religion, culture, life, and most importantly, about myself. This trip turned out to be much more than I had expected it could ever be, and I believe it has changed me forever. Though we'll touch more on that later, for now let's get to my first photo I chose to post on my return!

Sunset Over Jerusalem

It was my second day on my own in the city of Jerusalem, and I decided to get a real grasp of the city. I set out to walk to a place called Mount Scopus, which I had less than a great idea where it was or how to get there. I first ended up at Mount Scopus hotel, which annoyingly wasn't located near the actual Mount Scopus.
I ventured on, through all sorts of neighborhoods and lives, the world was unraveling at my feet with every step. I also ventured through some not so safe areas that I was told about, but if you're not going to see everything, then why see anything?
I finally ended up at Mount Scopus, after a long day in the harsh Israeli sun, and 11 miles of walking behind me with my rather heavy camera bag on the whole way.
I arrived just before sunset and was greeted with this epic view of the sun as it set over the city and it was marvelous! I hastily got my camera out and setup my tripod in order to capture the image I share with you today!

Lastly, this is the first image I chose to share since my return, so it must be my favorite, right? Not exactly. It must be the best then, at least? Not really either. It's a lovely image, at least I think so, and I hope you do as well, but that's not why I'm sharing this image with you right now, at this time. It's also for me.
This is a Sunset. We've all probably seen thousands of them. They mark the end of the day, the end of something amazing, and it's sad. But, they also mark something else, the beginning. The beginning of tomorrow, of the possibility for something even better, to build upon what you gained yesterday.
And this is one of the many lessons I have learned on this voyage; I know the sun must set in order to rise.

I look forward to sharing more of my favorite images from this trip, as well as the many stories that I have accumulated as well!

Till next time,

Sean Gold

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First post from Israel: Sunrise over The Sea of Galilee Shalom!

It's been too long! This is my 13th day in Israel and each and every minute has been utterly amazing! I have so much to share and so many great images to show! Though with all the awesomeness happening, it left me with no time to share or process my images, as well as not being able to find much wi-fi either. I am still on the go but my time is a bit more free at the moment so I wanted to get at least a quick post out, even though I won't have the time to put into it what I'd like, but that will be coming soon! :D

Sunrise over The Sea of Galilee       Tiberias | Israel

My first stop in Israel was at a city called Tiberias, which is right on, and overlooking the great Sea of Galilee! It's truly awe-inspiring to look at! This is primarily the main water supply for all of Israel!

On my 2nd day here I made the effort to get up at 5am in order to capture the sunrise over the mountains behind the sea. I also have a couple behind the scenes clips, though I don't have the time to share them at the moment, but I will soon enough!

So here it is, my first image to share from Israel, the beautiful sunrise, right as the sun breaks over the cliffs behind the Sea of Galilee and brings light into the world once again!

Till next time!

-Sean Gold

[email protected] (Sean Gold) HDR Israel Sea of Galilee Sunrise Tiberias Travel Tue, 24 Jun 2014 07:54:37 GMT
Traveling to Israel! Greetings!

So as the title states, I'm leaving for my next big trip, and longest direct flight yet, to Israel very soon!

It's been almost a year since I last left the country for my month long trip to Paris last summer!
While in Israel, I'll be seeing just about the whole country and constantly on the move so I'm trying to balance between what I need and what I want so I can be lightweight and mobile, and not end up lugging something around that I never end up using..which wouldn't be the first time for me :P

My gear!My gear selection for my trip to Israel!
So above you can see what, at the moment, I'm planning to be my photo kit. Consisting of my Canon 60D, my 18-135mm lens, my 50mm lens and my 70-200mm lens, as well as my carbon fiber tripod, 580EXII flash (debating bringing 2) and my backpack bag with tripod holster and laptop compartment.

It's never easy cutting the fat with gear, since you can always dream up some crazy scenario where if you had brought that one thing, you would have gotten that shot that you couldn't otherwise, or so I tell myself. But these I feel are the bare bones of my needs, and coupled with a little creativity, ingenuity and perseverance, I think I'll have more than enough than I need!

As far as updates while in Israel, I'm not sure what internet availability will be like and how much time I'll have, or if I'll even have my laptop with me, but I hope to be able to share some images and such while I'm on the go over there, and if you'd like to follow along, the best places to keep up with me are my Facebook Fanpage or follow my personal Facebook Account, and also my Instagram will probably see some updates! You can also find me on Tumblr that I'm playing with a bit at the moment, but plan to post a lot more on in the near future!

Lastly, I'm planning to start writing more consistently and frequently, I'm looking to start posting 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as my last attempt at daily posts just wasn't working for me. 

So until Monday, have a great weekend!

Sean Gold

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Gear Israel News Traveling Fri, 06 Jun 2014 04:00:00 GMT
Reset the Net on June 5th! Hey guys!

So I'm sure in the recent years, in one way or another, you've heard at least something about the NSA, Edward Snowden the spying programs and all the political mess that usually tends to follow it. Well as an artist who uses technology and the internet to create and share his work, and also as an activist who wants to see a better tomorrow for our country and the world, I would like to bring a couple things to your attention.

Now I know it's usually "taboo" for a business or even a person to try to instill their political will on their clients, customers and followers but I feel this topic, though political, transcends politics and encroaches more into our rights as civilized human beings and sets precedent for the way the internet will continue to develop and be used.

So with that little statement out of the way, most of us know that the NSA is collecting as much of, well, everything they can, on everybody, everywhere, all the time. From phone calls, to emails, to photos uploaded and shared on the magnificent innovation we call the internet. Well I'm not too comfortable with that idea, and for the most part, a large majority of America, and even the world isn't either. Even giants such as Google and other titans of business are concerned about these revelations of spying programs.

I think it's a travesty for this creation that enabled us of sharing, learning, educating, entertaining, and communicating unlike anything we've had before, to be get a bad rep and be used to spy on us, with no limit or oversight.

So with a few of my short thoughts on the matter out there, I would like to say that I support the effort known as "Reset The Net on June 5th". This is a movement to educate people on ways to be more secure online and to stop the NSA, as well as other unwanted intruders, from collecting your data in their "world wide net".

This effort is also supported by Google, Mozilla, CloudFlare, and many other hugely respected companies. It has also made press, including the front page of The Guardian and on NBC news.

I hope that you found something here compelling or intriguing enough to make you want to visit and at least watch their video and see what the talk is all about, and weigh out your own opinions on the matter.

The internet has changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine, and I don't think it's in it's, or our, best interest to see it used in such a massive, unregulated, indefinite bulk collection of our data, private and public.

I thank you for spending some of your time to read about this, and if you have any questions on the matter, I'd be happy to answer them or refer sources for your own investigations, and promise new images soon!


Long Live the Internet,

Sean Gold

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Entering The Hub Greetings! What a weekend! 

In case you weren't aware, last weekend was WWIM9 (World Wide InstaMeet #9) where Instagrammers all around the world, from Boston to Paris, organized and took to the streets to capture the world around them!

It was a great two days full of great images, great people and fun surprises! One such as the Boston Zombie March that I stumbled upon Saturday while heading to our meeting spot!
There were hundreds of "zombies" gathered in front of South Station preparing to make their bloody march through Boston! It was my first time hearing of this and some of the costumes were amazingly creative and well done! I captured some interesting photos of it, but didn't stay too long. Perhaps I'll share them in another post.

As for today's photo, after Sunday's "Instameet" ended, me and couple of other photographers/adventurers continued wandering the streets of Boston in search of light and compositions.
We wandered down city streets and alley ways, and we eventually found some old abandoned railroad tracks that we decided to explore down for a bit.
After miles of walking and exploring, the sun began to set and we headed back towards the city. On our walk back, we were crossing a bridge I've never been on before and I looked over to see the iconic Boston Skyline with these amazingly dramatic and stormy clouds looming above!
It was pretty dark out at this point, and for one of the very rare times, I had left my tripod at home. I wasn't sure how I was going to get the shot, but I knew I had to.
After some quick thinking, and a little bit of panicking, I found a good section of railing that I could rest my camera on to stabilize it for the 3 seconds I needed to get a good exposure.
I set my camera settings properly, took a deep breathe, began to exhale slowly, and clicked the shutter. I took about 5 shots, just to be sure.
I then went to review the images, fearing of seeing a blurry mess, and low and behold....... it worked! I was able to just eek out one image that was crisp, sharp, well exposed, and exactly what I wanted!

I think this one might just be one of my favorite Boston images now! How about you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! :)

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston City Cityscape Clouds HDR Travel Urban Wed, 21 May 2014 06:10:26 GMT
Another Night at The Seaport So our harsh New England winter is finally subduing and the weather is stabilizing, much more as of late, so a few weeks ago I decided while I had to attend a meeting in Boston, that I would take my camera along.

I've been to the Seaport more times than I can count at this point, even before I was a photographer. It's such a beautiful and relaxing place, especially at night. I could sit there for hours and never run out of wonderful things to think about and ponder. I also could never run out of photographs to be make there!

So here's my latest image of the Seaport at Night, though I'll hopefully have one more soon, as I discovered a very cool composition I want to make here. I couldn't last time as there were people with lighting equipment set up in my way, even though they weren't even using it for quite some time...but that just gives me an excuse to go back!


[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston Cityscape HDR Night Travel Mon, 12 May 2014 05:35:23 GMT
Vif Reves de Paris: A Year Later In one month will mark one year since I departed for my month long adventure in Paris, and one of the most amazing and memorable trips of my life thus far.

There is no book or teacher in the world that can substitute travel, or that can substitute experience.

From my first visit to Paris when I was 17, I had fallen in love with this City of Lights. It was different, and that's all that mattered at first. Strange people, strange language, strange customs, yet I felt most comfortable in my uncomfortability, most alive.
It was goodbye to the world that was mine, and into the one that was theirs.


This was I think my 5th trip to Paris, but it was my most adventurous yet, as it was my first time going as a photographer. It was seeing this city with new eyes and with new purpose. I've never done so much or seen so much, as I did with my camera in hand.
It was my reason, no, more like my excuse to bare witness, to wonder, to explore, to wander every street and every structure. To think about all that I saw in the most deepest of ways, and to learn as much as I could about everything I saw and everything I touched. To immerse myself in every moment. To feel that with every photograph, I'm trying to unravel a mystery.

It took me hours to whittle down my collection of images to the ones that I think best tell my story. So I'm trying to be as brief as possible here and let it speak for itself.

This video is to commemorate my voyage, to commemorate getting lost, to commemorate the journey and the great friends that I've made along the way, and to commemorate life and all the beautiful things it beholds. 

This is the record of my passing. This is me in the flow, trying to leave something beautiful.


Without further adieu,

Vif Reves de Paris | Sean Gold

(I recommend clicking the "Auto-HD" button and choosing 1080p, or the highest resolution your monitor or device displays, as well as watching in Full Screen mode, for best viewing results.)

Vif Reves de Paris | Sean GoldA slideshow to recount my voyage, adventures and discoveries in the beautiful city of Paris, France last year.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Cityscape Europe France Paris Slideshow Travel Mon, 05 May 2014 06:58:58 GMT
HarborWalk at Night Greetings! Happy May!

It's been a long and tough Winter, and Spring is taking its sweet time to set into place, but the good weather is starting to linger longer and longer!

A few nights ago I headed into Boston to do a few things, as well as attend a meeting for an upcoming trip that I'll talk more about as the time arises, and I brought my camera along to venture into the night with afterwards.

After my meeting, I headed down to the Seaport, which is a place I love to frequent, and for the first time in a very very long time, I went to the opposite side than I normally do and found this great boardwalk! I love the look of wood with the sheen of the street lamps soft light bouncing off of it!

I made some very interesting images here, such as this one, and a few more of the Skyline that we all love, from a different angle, then continued down the HarborWalk for a few hours enjoying the warmish Spring air and the breeze off of the ocean before heading to North Station to make my way home.

I'll be looking forward to spending late summer nights wandering the streets of Boston in search of light and stories to tell!


HarborWalk at NightHarborWalk at NightThis beautiful section of the HarborWalk in Boston is a wonderful place of tranquility on these warm Spring nights.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston Cityscape HDR HarborWalk Night Park Travel Sat, 03 May 2014 05:53:01 GMT
Cobblestone Tranquility It feels like just yesterday that I was in Paris, wandering the night time streets and getting lost in an attempt to be found, but in reality it's been almost a year! And I'm still finding great images I made there even now, in my collection!

This was one of the nights that I stayed out till about 4 O'clock in the morning roaming night time streets and exploring places more low key in the Parisian area. It's amazing for such a busy and hectic city during the day time, how quiet and still it becomes during the night, in most places. It's like the sleeping giant, or the eye of the storm, just an enormous mass of energy, quietly sitting still before it rises to motion and chaos once again. I treasure these moments of solitude and tranquility, they're little drops of time where all seems to stand still, for more than a moment.


[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 City Cityscape Europe HDR Night Paris Travel Tue, 22 Apr 2014 15:00:51 GMT
A Parisian Midnight With summer quickly approaching and warm weather finally returning to New England, it brought me to back to wandering the midnight streets of Paris last summer.

This was the night I started at Sacre Coeur at sunset, and then headed down towards Montmartre on my way to Moulin Rouge. As I left the Montmartre area, coming down the hill, I came across this wonderful cafe! I spent a good amount of time here waiting for just the right shot with the people all in good position and also no traffic coming through. When I look at this image, I feel a beautiful sense of nostalgia back to that beautiful warm night, treading the midnight streets of Paris till the sun rose once again. I can smell the smells, and hear the music that was playing, and the sense of belonging that was in the air. I look forward to my next rendezvous here!

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Cafe City Cityscape France HDR Midnight Night Paris Travel Wed, 09 Apr 2014 03:21:44 GMT
The Colors of Miami It was the first night in Miami with the rental car and it needed a good test drive. The most logical place was to head down to Key Biscayne, as it's one of my favorite views of the Miami Skyline! It's a great view, but it's always terribly tough trying to get to a good spot that you can actually pull over to. They don't make it easy for photographers, and then once you get past a certain point, if you missed one of the pull-in spots, you can't turn back and you have to go through the tolls again. Not this night, but another night, a friend and I ended up going through the tolls I think about 4 times since we kept missing the spot we wanted, but it was well worth it at the end!

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Sunset in Paradise So as you may know, I recently spent about a month in Miami, pursuing a few leads but mostly seeking adventure and new things to photograph! :)
While I was down there I ended up catching up with a newly found old friend that had gotten into photography recently. With eyes set on adventure we made plans to go down to the keys for a day of photographing and adventuring!
The day came and early that morning I met with my friend Crystina, and was also introduced to her very interesting friend Earl and we hit the road!
It's quite a bit of a ride down there from Miami, but it was made unnoticeable due to an unending amount of good conversation and discussion, as well as a food stop and good leg stretch.
We first stopped at a Bird Sanctuary and got some interesting shots there, mainly of some very friendly Pelicans! There were quite a few tropical birds in the area and some beautiful views! It was also a very cool place as they would take in injured birds of all kinds and treat them! It was a great little stop, till I noticed that the trees were full of spiders, which I can easily say, I was less than thrilled about that discovery..
Crystina feeding the Tarpin!
After that I was brought to the main attraction of the trip you could say, it was a place at Islamorada where you could "Feed the Tarpin". Which translated into buying little bait fish, and hand feeding said little fish to these rather large fish called Tarpin, with teeth mind you, and also fending off hoards of hungry scavenging and vicious pelicans. As if spiders weren't enough excitement for me..
In actuality, despite the vicious birds, fish with teeth, and free flying spiders, it was an amazing day out and adventure, accompanied by some very awesome friends!

Photo of the Day - Sunset in Paradise

After the day had passed us by and it was time to head back to the mainland, we were around Key Largo or so I believe as the sun began to set and you could see this amazing light casting on the water!
We desperately tried to find an area to pull over and get to the coast with our cameras, as that type of light only lasts for about 15 minutes, if you’re lucky.
After a few minutes of slightly frantic driving, we found a little area to pull over and quickly grabbed our cameras and headed to the beach. Today’s photo is one of my favorites I got from that very spot!

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Florida Florida Keys Keys Ocean Sunset Travel Mon, 24 Mar 2014 04:35:32 GMT
Midnight in Miami I've been to Miami quite a few times, actually, more than quite a few, but this was my first time really exploring downtown Miami! It was an amazing adventure! Just getting lost and finding awesome views and cool places, such as this one, and watching all the glowing buildings that surround you or off in the distance! I also discovered the "People Mover" which I must say was pretty awesome, and it's free! For those of you who don't know, it's a completely automated monorail system that runs around Downtown Miami and operates about 50 feet or so off the ground, great for catching some cool views!


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) Cityscape Miami Night Travel Wed, 19 Mar 2014 04:22:22 GMT
The Reflecting Pool Boston really is one of my favorite places to wander, other than Paris of course, I always seem to see things a little bit differently every time I do so. One of my favorite places to wander and relax by is the reflecting pool by the Christian Science Center in the summer time. I sometimes feel like I'm in another place, and if I stare into the reflections long enough, another world even. This is definitely one of the little treasures of Boston if you catch it on just the right evening!


[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston Cityscape Travel Mon, 17 Mar 2014 04:38:23 GMT
Twilight at Montmartre Twilight at Montmartre
Today I decided to reminisce a little about my most recent trip to Paris. I truly think I could live the rest of my life in Paris alone and never get bored of the endless photographic possibilities!
This is an area in Paris called Montmartre. It’s a very classical and authentic feeling area of Paris, and I love it there! I feel it’s what most people think all of Paris looks like (which it doesn’t) .
It’s also a very artistic area, where there’s many painters and drawers and other amazing artists creating all sorts of unique pieces, most of them as you watch! The talent is truly amazing and I could watch them paint and draw and create for days. Most of the artists are very personable as well, very friendly and kind and open. Truly a breathe of fresh air. Though I wouldn’t recommend eating or drinking there, unless you don’t mind paying a good fee for the beautiful atmosphere, as it gets quite expensive quite quick, as I learned the hard way when 3 glasses of beer came out to 27 Euros, which is about 38 dollars or so.
If you find yourself wandering through the streets of Paris, I implore you to make the trip to Montmartre, it’s well worth it, and you also have the very famous church Sacré Cœur, which perhaps I’ll have to dig up a photo of there to feature next now :)
A bientot!

[email protected] (Sean Gold) City Cityscape Europe France Montmartre Night Paris Shops Twilight Thu, 06 Mar 2014 06:26:26 GMT
Miami Sunrise I rose at 5 in the morning and made my way down to the beach in the twilight preceding sunrise. I watched the calmness and stillness of the sea, and contemplated my 3 weeks in Miami, and taking the plane home later that afternoon. It didn't last too long though, as shortly after, construction on the building next to me (which hopefully I'll be photographing when it's finished :) commenced and the stillness faded into the yelling of workers and roaring of machines. That's when I decided to walk.

In all my years of going to Miami, and all the time I've spent there, I don't think I've ever watched the sunrise. It was spectacular. Inch by inch I watched this glowing ball in the sky grow, and as it grew I watched it spear the clouds with it's mighty rays. The sea grew agitated, commencing to churn and waves starting to crash. It was like somebody flipped the "on" switch and the world was starting up from it's dormancy, for a bright new day.

I think I prefer sunrises over sunsets now. Though they're still a bit too early for me.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2014 Beach Florida Miami Sun Sunrise Fri, 28 Feb 2014 05:19:31 GMT
Downtown Miami Alas, we meet again!

It’s been a while, well about a month to be exact, as I sort of unconsciously took a month off from posting and sharing some of my favorite new images, especially of my recent trip to Miami!

Though now my library is exploding and I keep looking at my images and saying “Why haven’t I posted this yet?”. So here I am coming out of my brief hiatus as I settle back into the winter living lifestyle of New England as the carefree living of Miami wears away...kind of.

So today I share with you one of my images of the Downtown Miami Skyline!

This is one of my favorite views of Miami from Key Biscayne and always one of my favorite places to visit while down there.

The downtown Miami Skyline as seen from Key Biscayne.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2014 Landscape Miami Skyline Travel Thu, 27 Feb 2014 05:00:00 GMT
Sunny Isles on the Water Hey guys! My first check-in from Miami!

I've been down here for two days so far and the weather has been great luckily, I got here at the right time it seems!

It's also a great feeling to be back where all of this really started when I shot the images for the 15th anniversary book for the city of Sunny Isles Beach. It's an amazingly cool feeling to walk by all these amazing million dollar hotel and condo buildings and thinking "I photographed that!".

But enough reminiscing.

I've only had 2 days here so far, but I already got out to create some very cool photos of Sunny Isles! The first I want to share with you is one I'm calling "Sunny Isles on the Water", that shows most of the city's skyline from an ocean vantage point, at night!

It was a beautifully clear night, so I was able to get a fair amount of stars in my image as well, which is always cool!

I'm going to cut this post a bit shorter than I'd like as there's quite a few things going on at the moment, that hopefully I'll be able to share soon as well, but for now, I hope you enjoy this image and look forward to sharing the rest of the amazing things I'm able to capture down here!

Till next time,

Sean Gold
The beautiful city of Sunny Isles Beach seen from the water, on a clear moonless night filled with stars.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2014 Beach Miami Night Ocean Sunny Isles Beach Wed, 29 Jan 2014 16:41:34 GMT
Motorcycle Shoot + BTS Video Hey there!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my first attempts at video production, though this is in no way to be considered an attempt at a "professional video" but more of my first considerable success that I deem worthy of sharing, not to mention, that it has a photo to go along with it :)

So a few years back when I was playing with different ideas and still feeling things out, especially with lighting, one culmination of such was an outdoor, night time photoshoot of Samantha and her kick-ass bike!

The idea was to run a super long extension cord from the studio to the parking lot and put as many sandbags as we had on the giant lights so that they wouldn't blow away on a cold wintery night, sounds pretty ideal, no? 

So once we weighed down the gear for even hurricane like winds and got the technical stuff out of the way, I gave a friend my small camera and he filmed some of the shoot, more for fun than for professional or any type of use really.
That footage sat on my computer for about 2 years or so, as I have little to no experience in video shooting or editing, until now.

I managed to teach myself some of the basics of video editing, and I mean very basic, and this was the only footage I had that could actually produce something somewhat meaningful.
So with that, I hunkered down at my computer and began my trials and errors in the hope of getting at least a showable clip out of it.
At the end, considering the quality of the footage, my inexperience and the manner of which it was filmed in, I was rather pleased with the result!

So here's one of the final images from that shoot with Samantha (and her bike), followed by the video below it! And with that being said, thanks for checking out this weeks post, hope you enjoyed it!


Motorcycle Shoot - Sean Gold Photography from Sean Gold on Vimeo.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) BTS Motorcycle Shoot Video Sun, 19 Jan 2014 06:35:03 GMT
A New Year at the Public Garden Just looking at this picture makes me cold! It was New Years day and I chose to spend it wandering Boston with my camera, which isn't a bad thing, except for the freezing weather! After wandering around and sliding around on the frozen Pond in the Gardens, hoping to not fall on my face, or worse, fall through, I saw these great lights on the trees and then on Common Wealth Ave too! (Which I have a separate image of as well!)

The Public Gardens really is one of my favorite and most beautiful places in Boston, especially in the Summer and even in the Winter!


[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2014 Boston Garden HDR Night Public Tue, 14 Jan 2014 19:49:16 GMT
The Lights of Commonwealth Avenue Happy New Year !


I'd like to start off by welcoming you to the first post of 2014 ! I hope you and yours had a wonderful New Year and a prosperous year to come !


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The Lights of Commonwealth Avenue

It's a New Year with all sorts of new possibilities!

It was a freezing night in Boston and I found myself in 4 layers of clothes, including my overcoat, wandering the night streets of the New Year. After sliding around for a bit on the frozen Public Garden Pond and checking out all the amazing ice sculptures, I made my way down to the world renowned Commonwealth Avenue, or as most know it here as Comm Ave. I've seen it many a time, and walked down it equally, but tonight it just seemed a little more special. So after impatiently waiting for my chance and the right time for the shot while I could still feel my fingers, I realized I overlooked an element and had to wait for yet another opportunity and hope my fingers wouldn't give out on me in the meantime. A long few minutes later, I had my shot, and it was off to Finagle a Bagel to warm up, grab a bite, and rest up for the rest of the night. So I hope my you enjoy my first posted photo of 2014, and the many more to come!

The beautiful lights of one of the most famous and renowned streets of Boston, Commonwealth Avenue.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2014 Boston Cityscape HDR Night Fri, 03 Jan 2014 09:10:12 GMT
Night Time by The Paramount Welcome back ! Hope you had a great holiday ! :)


First off, I'd like to thank you for your continued support of my work and the amazingness that I've experienced so far on this journey ! As for 2014, I plan to step things up a notch, and the first start to that is beginning to send out newsletters and updates every so often, with news, new photos or other exciting info :) So if you'd like to stay up to date on my latest adventures, new releases, have pretty pictures delivered right to your inbox, and be the first to know, please take a second to sign up below, and we promise not to spam you :) Thanks ! And you can continue to scroll down below to see the photo of the day!

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Night Time by The Paramount

This is a photo I took on the night of the tree lighting in Boston. I got there a bit early and decided to try to get some shots of the town while it was kind of empty, as everyone was at the common waiting for the lighting of the tree!

It took me quite a bit to get this shot, as I was right near a cross walk, as that was the best location for the shot I wanted, and without fail I'd get someone running in front of my camera, or even standing in front of it, almost every time, but I should be use to it by now.

But in the end, as usual, patience pays off and I went home with this great image, as well many others that will be appearing on here soon enough, as I plan to try posting photos more frequently, ideally once a day again, but I'm not sure how practical that will be for me to do, but keep an eye out, for there is much more to come!

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston Cityscape HDR Mon, 30 Dec 2013 08:26:32 GMT
Christmas at Faneuil Hall The Holidays are upon us! Chanukkah has just finished and now we're rolling into the time of year where everything is lit up and smells like pine trees, Christmas! And as most things are, Christmas is always beautiful in Boston!

This past Thursday I went into town for a busy night. First stopping at NOA Gifts at 88 Charles Street, where they sell my work, for an open house with wine and cheese! Though I couldn't stay long as I had to hustle to catch the world class ice skaters on the frog pond that put on a spectacular show, simply amazing!

Once they wrapped up, it was off to explore for a while as a very thick fog began to settle in, which just made things that much more interesting. So I went off to get some cool fog shots, passing up the musical entertainment. Finally making my way down to Faneuil Hall, assuming it would be empty as everyone was at the Common, of which I was correct. And that is when I made today's photo, of the 42 foot Christmas tree at Faneuil Hall!

After getting the shot I wanted, I ran and grabbed a slice of pizza, then hustled back to the common to make it back in time to see Mayor Menino perform the 72nd Annual Tree Lighting on Boston Common! Which was his last one as Mayor of Boston!

After the main events, I still hung around and wandered the city for a while, as it was 50 degrees out and a rather exceptionally pleasing evening. If you didn't make it out this year, I highly recommend planning for next year! I've gone almost every year, and yet to be disappointed !


Whatever name you may give to this special time of year, I wish you the best holiday possible !

Till next time,

Sean Gold

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston Christmas Cityscape HDR Night Sat, 07 Dec 2013 05:36:17 GMT
Lights of Quincy Market Christmas is in the air ! As well as frost bite... followed by the occasional 70 degree day, oh how I love New England..

So I've recently been working with the Lowell Boys and Girls Club to teach photography and introduce to the kids my work and my passion. It's a great honour to be able to do so, since I too was a member of the Boys and Girls club and I feel that it's a great place for young kids to learn and grow, and especially so at the Lowell Boys and Girls club. From what I've seen they go above and beyond in the offerings and learnings, such as photography, they try to offer to their youth. And I always think "what if I started younger, what might have unfurled differently.."

So this image was taken yesterday as I went out with a handful of Club Kids, along with a few of the staff, into the Boston area to show the kids my work on night photography, and let them try it for themselves. It was rather chilly out, but I've never been a stranger to the cold and it's grown to not bother me, especially when my mind is on the hunt for compositions rather than my frostbitten fingers. Though the kids weren't as weathered and brave as I, so they quickly ran into Faneuil Hall for hot chocolate while I froze outside taking photos, such as this one, until I too gave in to the temptation of warmth. Plus I felt I've already displayed my superior skills of survival and endurance to the pack, so it was time for pizza.


Though it's not even Thanksgiving, the Christmas spirit was in the air, and in the twinkling lights of Quincy market. I know there's still more to come, so I'll just have to go back again when they light that amazingly gigantic Christmas tree, and take it all in again. Until then, I hope you can enjoy the hint of wonder and wonders soon to come, through this image !


[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston Cityscape HDR Wed, 20 Nov 2013 09:11:55 GMT
Red Sox World Series: Game 6 at Fenway Hey guys ! What a week for Boston !

Or even just what a day, between the President coming to Boston, Drake doing a show and of course the World Series Game 6 all in the same day ! I took part in 2 of the previously mentioned events, and now I need a rest !

So how about them Red Sox ? Another World Series title for Boston due to a great season by the Boston Red Sox !

After shooting the President's arrival, of which I might post some images of soon as well, I headed off to get a birds eye view of the World Series Game 6 !

I got a lot of great shots that night, but out of all them I think this may be my favorite yet. I saw the "ants" moving across the field and knew something was happening, something big, so I fired off some shots in hope of catching something more than I already had. Come to find out I captured one of the last runners coming in to home from Victorino's big hit, as well as himself on base as well ! It might be a little tough to see on here, but on the full image, trust me, you can see it surprisingly well. This may be one of my most precious images, due to the history of this day, for the first time in over 90 years we won a World Series at home in Fenway, the oldest MLB stadium still in use today ! And on this play which is what started the charge that lead us that night to clutching the Series ! 


Fenway Park: Game 6 of the 2013 World SeriesA birds eye view of Fenway park as the Boston Red Sox take on the St.Louis Cardinals at game 6 of the 2013 World Series here at Fenway park right when Victorino made his big hit that got us 3 points on the board !

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Mon, 04 Nov 2013 07:00:51 GMT
Bahston and Fenway Pahk from Above So I'm sure if you're anywhere near Boston you're following the Red Sox in the World Series right now ! (At least I'd hope so) And in the spirit of their amazing accomplishment of even making it to the World Series, I thought I'd share one of my favorite shots of Fenway Park !

I took this shot a little while back now, when I was just starting out playing with the techniques I now use today for my night time photographs. So with that being said, it was a bit of a trying night to get this shot right, but once I got this one, I knew I had what I wanted. 

I love Boston, and I love it even more at night, and it doesn't hurt to have the oldest Major League Baseball Stadium still in use in there either :)

So with that being said, I'm hoping to see that empty stadium soon full of proud Red Sox fans celebrating !

Let's go Red Sox !

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston Fenway Park Night Mon, 28 Oct 2013 17:02:32 GMT
L'arc de Triomphe I'd say that the Arc de Triomphe is the second most iconic structure in the beautiful city of Paris, only after the Eiffel Tower of course. It was built to honour the soldiers who fought and died in the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars, and I've been told that it was designed so that the sun comes through a special way on Napoleon's birthday, but I haven't confirmed that.

So I was in Paris for a few days already and I was itching for a big adventure. I was hopping around Paris all day from Metro to foot, up and down random streets till I ended up at Place de la Concorde, which is at the top of the Champs Elysees, a very beautiful and famous street in Paris. My goal was to get the Arc at around sunset so I headed down the long street of the Champs Elysees.

It was around 8 in the evening when I got there and I was all set to capture my great sunset and night photos of the amazing Arc de Triomphe !! Well, I would have been, if it wasn't for one small problem....the sun wasn't setting. After Googling to make sure that the Earth was still spinning and that the sun wasn't broken, I looked up the sunset time for the day. It was around 10:30. At night. How quickly I had forgotten the long days of the Parisienne summer.

So with time to kill I decided to check out a few very fancy shops that I could barely afford to walk into, let alone purchase anything, made my way around the entire rotary, crossing what seemed like 50 streets, and finally playing a good game of "How many tourists photos can Sean Gold sneak into". Then I just took a seat by the rotary and just watched the world go by until the sun began to fall and the light began to come alive.

This is one of the photos I took right as the sun started going down, from the middle of the street. After this, I shot there until the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, then made my way back up the Champs Elysees to photograph the fountains at Place de la Concorde, then jumped the Metro back home.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Arc de Triomphe HDR Paris Travel Sun, 20 Oct 2013 08:40:23 GMT
Two Years Later


So I don't remember the exact date, but it was around this time 2 years ago that I finished editing the last of the photos for the book, therefor finishing my part of what would be the book for the City of Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, which really marked the beginning of the path I've been on for these last 2 years.

It was on March 21st of 2011 that I purchased my first DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 60D and the 18-135mm IS lens. It was with this camera that I went to Sunny Isles Beach in Miami for about 3 weeks to shoot over 20 different hotels and condominium buildings for an architectural book for the City of Sunny Isles Beach.

Now here I am today looking back at all the stepping stones and events since then. It feels like it was ages ago that I began this adventure, but to realize it's only been a little more than 2 years, and what I've accomplished in that short time is more than I sometimes realize.

Contrary to what you might think, but it was tough starting out by doing a book of that caliber. Not for the work or stress of the book, but to have that as your first break, knowing that what you'd be doing after wouldn't be of the same level. It was like starting at the mountaintop, then falling down, only to have to begin your climb back to the top. 


I sometimes feel under accomplished or that I'm not moving forward, and I think that is sometimes due to what I had mentioned before about starting with the book, but I'm using this time today to recap all that I have been fortunate enough to do in these short 2 years and put it into perspective.

Since I picked up my first DSLR camera a little more than 2 years ago, I've been fortunate enough to photograph for a published book for the #1 travel destination city in the U.S along with a retired playboy photographer of 35 years. Once returning from there I was featured as The Artist of the Month for the city of Methuen and had an exhibition in the Mayor's office. From there, on a whim, I submitted a few images to The Griffin Museum of Photography for their Juried Exhibition, only to my surprise to receive an email informing me that one of my images had been selected. Following that, I was offered my own exhibition with The Griffin on my images of Horn Pond, which is on its second showing now. Lastly, this year I was granted an all access pass by Red Bull to photograph The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series as they stopped in Boston over the summer.

These are just a few of the key opportunities I had been fortunate enough to have, and even more recently that I'm now selling my images as art in a store on Charles Street in Boston and seeing sales.


Here I am at 23 years old, 24 in two days, no formal photography training, no pieces of paper certifying that I've been taught to see the world in a unique way and that I know how to operate a camera. Self taught and fueled by my own passion and determination to create, if only just to leave behind nothing more than something beautiful.

These words are for me as much as they are for you, this wasn't planned out and edited, making cohesive points, but was written in the moment with the words that came to mind. So if you've taken the time to read this jumbled assortment of ideas and reflections, I thank you and hope to share more amazing images with you in the future, and for a long time to come.


Sean Gold

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Sun, 13 Oct 2013 19:25:38 GMT
The Enchanted Path Seeing as I haven't been down to Horn Pond in some time now, I had to make my way down and check out the foliage !

I was there for about 5 hours, mostly wandering around some new places I've never been before, and then back onto familiar paths and trails. I started around the mountain area, then headed into the woods on a trail I've never taken. I found some very interesting new spots and the foliage was amazing, everywhere I walked I was bathed in warm, soft, yellow sunlight from the leaves above, it was almost magical.

It's always a pleasure visiting Horn Pond, you never know what you're going to see !


[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 HDR Horn Pond Wed, 09 Oct 2013 17:13:14 GMT
La Sainte-Chapelle After some Googling I came across this church as a great place to see (and photograph of course) that I haven't been to yet. 90% of the upper floor is encompassed in huge stained glass windows like I've never seen before. So after seeing a few photos my mind was made to check this place out.

When I finally found it, it turned out it was also next to La Concierge, which was where the famous Marie Antoinette was kept imprisoned before she was beheaded, and they had a savings if you purchased both together, so I did.

La Concierge was my first stop, and it was very cool and I have a photo up from there as well. After some time in there I was ready to head to La Sainte-Chapelle !

I entered the first floor to be greeted with some interesting artifacts and architecture and then I spotted the small spiral staircase that leads up to the chapelle itself. I make my way up the very tight spiraling stairs and enter the main chapelle only to see that the entire left wall has been blocked off and covered due to "renovations and maintenance". I was more than a bit disappointed, but I didn't let it ruin my time there, so I made due with what I had available, to leave with some great shots anyways.

I often seem to be left with a love/hate relationship with Paris attractions, as their often under renovations and never care to inform you before you purchase your entrance, and especially this case where HALF of the church was blocked by an ugly giant sheet of some sort.


The rear stained glass window of La Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, France.La Sainte-ChapelleThis was one of my favorite churches I visited in Paris, except for the fact half of the stained glass windows were missing due to "construction", you'd think I'd be use to it by now.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 HDR Paris Sainte-Chapelle Travel Sun, 06 Oct 2013 15:50:42 GMT
500 Boylston So the same night I took one of my new favorite shots at the Public Gardens, A Night at the Public Gardens, I made my way to Boylston Street as well during my wanderings.

The 500 building has actually won quite a few prestigious architectural awards, and it really is quite a building when you take the time to really look at it, especially at night time.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston Cityscape Sun, 29 Sep 2013 05:46:38 GMT
A Night at the Public Gardens After quite the day and night of wandering through and around Boston I ended up back at the Public Gardens. It was about time for me to take another iPhone shot to share a snapshot of my wanderings, so I framed up a quick shot, took it, and was off towards the common. Once I got about halfway through the common I sat down to upload the shot I took but I couldn't see it since my brightness was down so low, so I turned up the brightness and saw the photo I had taken, and wow was it great ! I jumped up and headed right back to the gardens to shoot the same shot with my actual camera !

It was a tough shot to get, I was there for a good 30 minutes or so playing with the scene trying to get it just right, and even with the post processing, it was rather tricky.

But once I got everything the way I wanted it, I knew this was one of my favorite shots of Boston.


A beautiful moonlit night at the Boston Public Gardens.A Night at the Public GardensA beautiful moonlit night at the Boston Public Gardens.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston Night Public Gardens Sun, 22 Sep 2013 16:37:50 GMT
Restoration Hardware This was another discovery I made one night wandering the streets of Boston. I had no idea what it was but it caught my eye so I had to get a shot. After I got home I was searching, trying to figure out what this place was till I found out it was a gallery for Restoration Hardware at the Natural History Museum.

The building had some great lighting features, especially for what you normally find in Boston, it was a great building to photograph at night :)

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston HDR Wed, 11 Sep 2013 16:20:21 GMT
The Armenian Genocide Memorial in Boston This is the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Boston on the newly formed Greenway. It's really nice to see Boston adding all these new features, especially on the Greenway.

The sculpture is a dodecahedron, and it's reconfigured annually to a new shape, symbolic of all who were pulled apart from their country of origin and came to these Massachusetts shores, establishing themselves in new and different ways.

If you've yet to check out the new Greenway path in Boston I highly recommend you do so. Especially at night time, it's truly a pleasant walk, with some very interesting pieces.




[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boston Cityscape HDR Night Tue, 10 Sep 2013 16:17:24 GMT
Dead of Night at Les Invalides It was getting late, or early, I'm not really sure at this point, but it was about 4 in the morning and my midnight adventure through Paris, France was coming to an end. It was a long night with A LOT of walking, but I wanted to make one more stop before calling it a night.

So I make my way to L'hôtel des Invalides to finish the night. I arrive at the street and realize how large of a structure it really is, so I keep stopping on my way down the road to see what view I had now. I then decided on my spot and set up, now I just had to wait a few minutes for these late night party goers to leave, right ? Well they took quite a bit more than a few minutes, and I was rather annoyed as I wanted to finish up and head home but I had to wait about 15 minutes til they finally left so I could get my shot.

Come a few days later when I'm reviewing my images from that night and I arrive at my photos of Les Invalides. I stare at them for a few minutes, comparing them back and forth. As it would happen I realize the couple in the photo actually added a great element to the shot that I couldn't see at the time, probably due to sleep deprivation. With them both dressed up very classy, arm in arm, they added a feeling to the image and also helped show the true scale of this enormous structure. Now I couldn't imagine this photo without them, as it has become if not the, definitely one of my favorite images I left Paris with.


[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Cityscape Europe France HDR Night Paris Travel Mon, 09 Sep 2013 15:36:36 GMT
The City of Champions I know this view may be rather familiar to you by now, and if it's not, you clearly haven't been looking at my photos as much as you should be :)

Alas, I made another night time voyage to the Seaport, which I'd say is perhaps my favorite view of this magnificent city !

I could sit here and admire this view for hours on end, which is what I usually do when I make my way to it. I like to sit here with nothing more than my camera and my thoughts, to let my mind wander on what my eyes see. This city has directly changed the path of the entire world more than once, and that alone is more than a nights worth of pondering.

This world is truly amazing if you can find yourself to not take it for granted, and Boston is one of the better examples of that statement.

And without further ado, I give you my latest image of my city and my home; Boston: The City of Champions.

The Boston skyline at night.The City of Champions

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston Cityscape HDR Night Sun, 08 Sep 2013 07:55:24 GMT
The Midnight Carousel I've wanted to photograph this carousel for quite a while now, but it's been closed down and under construction for quite some time now.

After a photowalk in Boston yesterday I decided to venture on my own for a bit, rather than heading home. I wandered for a few, thinking what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and such, then I happened to see the Carousel was open !

So I head over to set up and notice there's at least 8 other people with cameras and tripods photographing it. At first I just figured it's Friday night and I'm not the only person with this idea, though it still seemed a bit odd.

Shortly after I was approached by a man asking me if I was here for the club, to which I responded I wasn't, and it became clear when he informed me that they were a club of night photographers and I was at their meeting spot apparently. They invited me to join them for the night, so I did !

It's funny how things work out sometimes, especially when you consider timing, and how mind boggling improbable some of the events we experience are.

The Boston Greenway Carousel at night.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston HDR Night Sat, 07 Sep 2013 15:25:09 GMT
Harbor Mist After a day of confusion and delays, we board our rather late boat back from George's Island. We got out late to the Island due to delays and then the last boat back was about 30-40 minutes late as well, but I wasn't complaining too much, especially after we got close to the city.

We were sitting on the front stairs of the boat when we made a turn and there's Boston, engulfed in this golden light and Boston harbor draped in this beautiful golden mist. I jumped up and unpacked my camera, while my friend did the same with her iPhone. I never realized how hard it is to shoot from a boat going maybe 30-40 mph on the open ocean, especially for HDR, but I made due with my situation.

Then I see one of the old ship tours coming in front of us and knew that would make the shot that much better. I didn't have much time to get it as we were moving rather fast at that point, and the light was changing. Luckily, I got the shot off just at the right time !


Boston harbor shrouded in a golden sunset mist.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boat Boston Cityscape Ocean Sunset Fri, 06 Sep 2013 15:48:07 GMT
The Falls of Sabbaday So I recently was up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and made my way to a waterfall that I've wanted to visit for quite some time now. It's called Sabbaday Falls and the main gorge was carved by melting glacial water flowing through for over 10,000 years. 

The falls are stunning, but there's also quite a bit of trails that lead up river with many beautiful areas as well. All in all, a spectacular place for photos !

Sabbaday Falls in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Forest HDR Nature New Hampshire Waterfall White Mountains Thu, 05 Sep 2013 17:31:43 GMT
The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series: Boston So it's been awhile since I've written a new post, but I've been quite busy in the meantime, such as photographing The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series' stop in Boston, their only stop in North America.

I was very excited to be photographing this event, as since I saw it last year just as a spectator I was amazed by these athletes and this competition. 

I got off the train at South Station, with a thousand thoughts running through my head of different situations and how to handle them and what my plan of attack would be. Before I knew it, I'm almost there, just another block or so. So first thing's first, find the media center and get my credentials.

After wandering a little bit, I find the trailer and meet with one of the Red Bull team, give him my name and he finds me on the list. I fill out a little paperwork, he gives me my bracelet, a media map and tells me to let them know if I have any trouble with access anywhere. Awesome.

I first scope out all the views and get a lay of the land so I know my options for shooting. I chose to start off inside the ICA Founder's Gallery, the large glass section right below the diving platform. This is where I'd start while they perform their warm up dives.

One of the divers from the Founder

Warm up dives from the Founder




After I got my shots in there it was a race to get back outside for a new vantage point. I headed over to the "Splash Zone" by Anthony's Pier 4 to get some shots with the divers against the Boston skyline.


Diving with the Customs House in the background

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

Now I'm not going to post all my photos of everyone of course, this is more like a Top....well Top "how ever many photos I end up posting" of the event :)

From here I wandered around looking for interesting shots then I found the Media Pier. I approached them and was told I couldn't go out there without an escort, so I went back to the Media Center and got a member of the team; Mike. We went back over, showed my ID, wristband and signed a waiver and I'm on my way out onto the media pier.

I only got a few shots off before I was approached by another Red Bull Team member who asked me if I had been out on the Media Boat yet, and if I would like to go right now, and indeed I would. So I hopped down into the boat and we headed out to where they were landing in the harbor. Awesomeness.

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013 Orlando Duque

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

After I got off the Media Boat, I headed back to dry land to finish off my shooting for the day. The dives were done and now it was time to announce the winner of Boston, which was the amazing Colombian diver Orlando Duque (with the ponytail) !

All the divers were amazing, and are incredible athletes; I can't even fathom doing what they do. It's truly a spectacle to witness.


And as the last dive, Superman happened to stop by !

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Boston

Then it was time to hand out the awards and the winners to have their "Champagne Toast" :)

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

Red Bull Cliff Divers Boston 2013

It was truly an amazing day and an amazing experience to be part of, not to mention all the free Red Bull :) I hope they come back next year and that I could be part of this amazing competition once again !


And thanks again to the amazing athletes that compete in this event ! In no particular order, Orlando Duque, Artem Silchenko, Gary Hunt, Jonathan Paredes, Michal Navratil, David Colturi, Steven LoBue, Kent De Mond, Kris Kolanus, Kyle Mitrione, Blake Aldridge, Anatoliy Shabotenko, and Andy Jones.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston Cliff Diving Red Bull Red Bull Cliff Diving Sport Sun, 01 Sep 2013 05:28:27 GMT
The Magnificent City of Lights Here I am, standing on the roof of the highest building in Paris for almost 3 hours now, freezing from the winds, while tourists are trying to squeeze between me and my tripod to take a photo from my spot. It seemed like forever for the sun to go down, though when you don't want it to, it seems to just fall right out of the sky, but this day, this day it lingered.

Finally the sun had set and I was waiting excitedly to feast my eyes upon the proclaimed city of lights from the best view possible....but it still wasn't dark enough, so the waiting continued.. Then about 45 minutes after sunset, the flights began to flicker, light by light the city emerged from darkness, as if the sun had never set. It was truly beautiful and awe inspiring. I was now living the moment I had been envisioning from the first mention of going to Paris, me and my camera perched on the highest place in all of Paris, looking out upon one of the most beautiful cities this world has to offer.

After I finished up and got what I needed I spent a little time in the lounge then hit the streets again at midnight, where I actually came across another American photographer wandering the streets of Paris and whom I chatted with for a few before we went our separate ways.

I walked home that night with victory in my step.


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 France Montparnasse Paris Travel Sun, 11 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
The Swirling Basin I've been coming here since I was a small child, and to think of in that time how much water has passed through this fall.. it's mind boggling! 

The Basin was formed by millions of years of water erosion that formed this marvelous sculpture. Of course water levels are much lower now than they were back then, but still it's carving an ever changing path through, little by little.

If you're ever in the Franconia Notch area, I highly suggest you check out the Basin !


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) Franconia Notch HDR New Hampshire The Basin Sat, 10 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
Tides of Pink This was at one of my new found favorite places in Miami, South Pointe Park ! This place is spectacular and it's just past South Beach ! It has a great beach, as you can see some of right here, with a long rock jetty that stretches well out into the ocean. There's also a beautifully landscaped park right behind it, which I'll be showing in the future !


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) Beach Miami Park Point South Tropical Fri, 09 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
The State House This is the Massachusetts State House, well, the newish one, as the original State House was a ways down from here and actually right next to where the Boston Massacre occurred, there's your little fact for the day.

I've tried photographing this building quite a few times but was never really satisfied enough to share them, besides one that did come out rather well which I took from Boston Common looking up, but this may be my favorite one yet !

The Massachusetts State House at night.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston Cityscape HDR Massachusetts State House Thu, 08 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
Double Sunset I love sunsets. They're truly magical and I can just lose myself in them over and over again. They're the gateway to darkness and set the stage on which the stars of the night shall dance upon. They're beautiful visually but even more so metaphorically. They represent the end, with promise of new beginning, they give rise to another world almost.

It's these simple things that I adore, but I feel most don't appreciate them because they accept it as expected, as routine. 

One day, take the time to sit somewhere beautiful and watch the sun disappear beyond the horizon and witness the transformation from light to darkness and contemplate what you have witnessed; find wonder in the epic mechanics of the cosmos that are so unique to give us not just life, but stable life, for these giant cosmic entities to continually work with such precision  that we can accurately predict what they will do at any given point in time. Nature is the ultimate mechanic.

A beautiful sunset at Horn Pond mirrored back in the water.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2012 HDR Horn Pond Landscape Sunset Wed, 07 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
Below the Zakim Let me start by saying that Boston has really shaped up over these last few years, from the parks and art displays, it truly has a new feel to it, especially during the night.

I recently spent a night out in Boston to photograph some places to add to my Boston Collection, but the main thing that drew me in was that I had came across some images of this bridge next to the Zakim that I had never seen before, needless to say I was intrigued.

I planned it so that the Zakim would be my last stop of the night, mainly since I wasn't sure exactly where this other bridge was in relation to the Zakim, but after a little wandering I spotted it across the way.

Man, this bridge was awesome ! It just had a great feel to it, very sleek and modern, it felt like walking on a path of light ! The main railings on both sides had LED lights beaming down illuminating the path, very cool ! I spent some time walking up and down it, checking out all the features and angles of it, it felt like I couldn't take a bad photo from it, especially with all the great views of the Zakim Bridge ! I think I'll be paying this bridge another visit in the near future :)


The Zakim Bridge seen from below at night.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Boston Cityscape HDR The Zakim Bridge Tue, 06 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
The ARC Gloria It was the Tall Ship festival in Boston and my camera was ready to go. I've always loved the Tall Ship festival, since I was a little kid, and that's what I had in my head on my way there. I walked around for a bit, building visions in my head till I got there was nothing like I had remembered..

The boats were a lot more like advertising billboards than I had remembered, and that doesn't make for good photos in my opinion. Not to mention how long the lines were. My photog saving grace was the ARC Gloria, which only had adverts and banners on one side, which made it my prime subject for my visit.

All in all I still enjoyed the festival (what do you want for free, right?) Though it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, I still got some great shots and had a great time !

The ARC Gloria in Boston for the Tall Ship Festival.E_0060

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2012 ARC Gloria Boston Ship Tall Ship Festival Mon, 05 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
A Horn Pond Sunset I've seen a lot of amazing sunsets at Horn Pond, and I mean a lot, but this may have been one of the best. Sometimes in photography the most important thing is being there at the right time, and this image is a great example of that.


A beautiful sunset at Horn Pond.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2012 HDR Horn Pond Landscape Sunset Sun, 04 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
Boston, You're My Home Out of all the beautiful views of Boston, this one may just be my favorite.

Boston has an awesome skyline, as you can see it from almost anywhere and admire it's beauty, but I find it most beautiful right here. I first found this place when I first started getting serious with my photography and I came here on a somewhat stormy and dramatic day to photograph it, it was my first rather popular photo.

After evolving and learning and improving, I decided it was time to come back and shoot it again with my new techniques, and the result is the photo you see below. But I learned more from this photo than I planned. Although this photo is much better technically, better exposed, better sharpness, better color and saturation, a few people still were interested in the previous image, which confused me at first. Then I realized that it's not always just about the technical aspect, sometimes the feeling of an image, it's essence, is more powerful than it's technical quality. It was an interesting and important lesson.


The Boston skyline at sunset.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2012 Boston Cityscape HDR Sat, 03 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
The Lights of South Beach Whenever I go to Miami I always make a point to hit South Beach at least once, if not more. It can feel touristy at times in my opinion, but there's always a great vibe nonetheless !

It feels like every night's a party on South Beach, people are out, music is playing, and good times are usually being had, and with good reason. I also enjoy the interesting architecture and cool styles you come across down there, it's nice to change things up every once in awhile.


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Cityscape HDR Miami South Beach Travel Fri, 02 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
Bright Boston Lights This is one of my all time favorite spots in Boston, from photographing to just hanging out and watching the world go by. I never really went here at night time as it's a bit out of my way from where I usually go, but one night after photographing from the top of the Prudential, I decided to make the trek across town to check it out, and am I glad that I did !

The Boston skyline lit up late at night.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2012 Boston Cityscape Thu, 01 Aug 2013 04:00:00 GMT
Boston after Nemo So if you're from or around Boston, I'm sure blizzard Nemo isn't too vague a memory yet, with the mountains of snow, and of course the infamous driving ban.

So it was the day after we had an epic blizzard and they put in effect a driving ban, so now what am to do ? Head into Boston of course !

It felt like a scene out of "The Walking Dead" if you're familiar with that show (and if you're not, you should watch it!) For the most part there were no driving cars, and to see Boston without traffic is like seeing a beach without water, it's just not natural... I wandered around for a bit, just taking it all in, watching the people try to shovel out their homes or stores, while others made art out of the newly fallen snow.

Then I made it to Newbury street, possibly one of the busiest streets in Boston, all but empty except for one or two lone cars in the distance. I didn't even recognize it if it wasn't for the street sign.

As I didn't have to worry about hearing any curse words yelled at me with a Boston accent, I took my time in the middle of the road, and composed my shot, which was rather difficult as I unfortunately didn't have my trusty tripod. But after a few clicks I got what I needed and it was off to find somewhere warm to hide for a while, or at least until my feet dried and I could stop shaking.


Newbury Street after Blizzard Nemo

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Blizzard Boston Cityscape Nemo Wed, 31 Jul 2013 04:00:00 GMT
L'arc de Triomphe from down the Champs-Élysées This was on one of my last real nights that I would be able to roam the streets until 4 in the morning and indulge myself in the tranquil and beautiful Parisian night time, so I had to make it count !

This was actually my first stop of the night, starting from Concord and heading down the famous Champs-Élysées towards the great Arc de Triomphe. On my way down, at every cross walk just about, I would dart out across traffic to get to the middle of traffic and see what the view was for the shot I wanted. It wasn't til I got about halfway down (it's a very long street) that I found the spot I thought would work best.

Between this shot and another shot I took of the Arc that night that I'll post later, I think were the 2 most dangerous photos of my entire trip. For this shot, and the other ones, I was literally in the middle of traffic, and since I like low angles, I'm practically on the ground. So it's almost impossible to see me (smart I know). The main times I really felt worried though, was when a huge bus would whiz right past me, by only maybe a foot away, and that happened quite the number of times.

But at the end, I may have wasted a few of my 9 lives, but I got the shot I was looking for ! And that's what counts, right ? :)


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Arc de Triomphe Champs-Élysées Cityscape Europe France Night Paris Travel Tue, 30 Jul 2013 04:34:06 GMT
The Metallic Path This is another treat from my new discovery of the area known as La Defense in Paris, France. A very cool place indeed. It was like Christmas morning, I kept walking down new areas thinking that it couldn't get better and yet it did ! 

I wandered down a little path between some large buildings and came across this cool walk way. It spiralled around the building, but it looked and felt as if it just floated there, like a ring. If you're in Paris I would make the time to visit La Defense, for me it was truly an experience that I didn't expect.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Cityscape Europe France La Defense Paris Travel Mon, 29 Jul 2013 06:35:56 GMT
Cataclysm over Paris Before I left for Paris, I knew that I had to go to the top of the Montparnasse Tower, the highest point in all of Paris. I watched the weather vigilantly to choose the best day, as I didn't want to have to go back again, as it's not cheap to go up, especially when you have dollars to euros.

In my effort to maximize my opportunities I decided to get there at 8PM planning to stay until they closed at 11:30PM. So as usual, I jumped the metro and made my way over. At first I couldn't find my way inside, after being told I was in the wrong entrance a few times, someone finally showed me where to go to get to the top.

The elevator was super quick, and they jam you in with about 10 other people. On the ride down I think we spoke about 5 or 6 languages between all of us.

I had finally made it to the top ! The view was magnificent ! Though the light was rather poor for the first hour, but I mainly wanted to get there early to secure a good spot before they were all taken.

It was a lot colder up there than I had expected, and I was rather freezing, and unable to go inside or else I would have lost my spot as the place began to fill up. 

Then just in time things started getting good, the sun began to set, and the sky began to play it's drama. It looked almost apocalyptic, hence the title, with beams of light shooting out of the clouds sporadically ! It was so great, I had forgotten how cold I was with my short sleeve shirt on..

A dramatic sunset over the city of Paris, France.

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And as a couple of extra little treats, nothing too fancy, but here's a a little behind the scenes photo of one of my setups, followed by a little video I took of the sun setting behind the horizon of Paris :)


Shooting the sunset over Paris.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Cityscape Europe France Paris Sunset Travel Sun, 28 Jul 2013 04:00:00 GMT
The Tranquil Pond You can almost feel the serenity and tranquility come over you just by looking at this image. This is a little picturesque pond up in New Hampshire, complete with small wooden bridge and all. It doesn't get more text book than this if you ask me.


There was also a couple of ducks that followed me all around the pond as I walked, perhaps they were trying to get in the photo..


A small picturesque pond in New Hampshire.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Forest New Hampshire Pond Travel Sat, 27 Jul 2013 06:45:15 GMT
The Jewel of the Louvre There's a lot of beautiful places and things in Paris, and the Louvre is up there on that list. I've been inside 3 times, and the amount of artifacts and pieces is almost unimaginable, I've literally gotten quite lost inside on more than one occasion.

The outside is equally beautiful, the architecture and details are mind boggling; to imagine the construction of such a place is quite a bewilderment.

And of course you have the famous icon of the Louvre, the famous glass pyramid, also notably seen in the film "The Da Vinci Code". It as well is quite a marvel, in it's own modern way.

And if you find yourself in Paris, you may be interested to know that on the first Sunday of every month it's free to go in ! And on every Friday night from 6pm to 9pm I believe, is Youth Night, where they reopen the museum only for youths under 26 years old, for free, from any nationality. But you may want to check with the Louvre website first and see if anything has changed on these offers.


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Europe France HDR Palace Paris Pyramid The Louvre Travel Fri, 26 Jul 2013 05:24:25 GMT
The Top of Avalanche Falls It was one of the days of the recent heat wave we had and it was almost too hot to do anything, except go to The Flume Gorge, where it's a good 15-20 degrees cooler on average.

I got there right at about sunset, when the light was getting good. It's a bit of a walk up to where the actual gorge is, especially in the heat, but I could feel the coolness coming with every step. 

It's a really cool place to check out, from my understandings it was carved out by lava from an ancient volcano, until the ice age hit and glaciers covered the lands, which when they melted turned it into a water path, where once scorching hot lava use to flow. It's rather amazing, and beautiful.


This here is the top part of the largest waterfall there called Avalanche Falls.


The top of Avalanche Falls in The Flume Gorge                                                                                                   Order a Print of this Photo

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 New Hampshire The Flume Gorge Waterfall Thu, 25 Jul 2013 06:29:44 GMT
My Neighbor Ted At my father's house in the mountains of New Hampshire, he has very few neighbors, but a couple across the street from him happen to have horses. 

They've had horses for quite a few years now as far as I can remember, some have come and gone, but since the beginning Ted has been there. (Ted is the front most horse)

When I arrive, I always see him across the street, either looking out his barn at the road as I'm coming up, or while grazing and he'd lift his head up and have a glance over my direction. He's always calm and relaxed, never making much noise or racket, just strolling around going about his business graciously, unless you visit him with a carrot of course, then he tends to be a bit more excited.

He's rather a majestic creature, always in good poise and trotting with grace.


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Countryside Horses New Hampshire Sunset Wed, 24 Jul 2013 05:53:08 GMT
A Glimpse of a Galaxy I recently spent some time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire enjoying the beautiful forests and nature, it's truly a serene place. I knew that most of New Hampshire, compared to Boston, has very low light pollution making it a perfect location to try out some astrophotography. 

On the first clear and moonless night I ventured to the top of a mountain at around midnight and stayed there till about 2 in the morning (which is when I heard the bears calling very close to me).

Astrophotography is very challenging, not just technically, but also physically and mentally, and I've much to learn in all those areas. To make successful photographs of the night sky, you need a clear, moonless night, which means working in pitch darkness. So you're in the mountains, in the wilderness, at 1 in the morning, in absolute darkness, surrounded by creatures of all kinds, some less friendly than others. It definitely put me a bit out of my comfort zone.


This was from my first nights attempt at capturing the Milkyway Galaxy.


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Astrophotography Canon 60D Galaxy Milkyway New Hampshire Night Sky Space Stars White Mountains Tue, 23 Jul 2013 05:58:31 GMT
The Luxembourg Gardens On another day wandering around Paris, I came by the Luxembourg gardens again. It's a very beautiful place, from the landscaping to the atmosphere. Beautiful trees, all sorts of activities, from tennis to chess games. If I lived in Paris I could definitely see myself spending many days there relaxing and enjoying the commotion.

As I was exiting, I noticed an interesting uniformed police officer and decided I would try to get the shot, so I ran back, stuck my camera through the gate, and got it just before he started to stroll off. With photography, timing is rarely talked about, but with good timing, comes great photos.

The beautiful Luxembourg Castle and Gardens.A0061 SHIRT MAIN CA LOT 103                                                                                              Order a Print of this Photo

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Europe France Luxembourg Paris Travel Thu, 11 Jul 2013 17:23:27 GMT
Cascading Waters This is one of the waterfalls on the way to Kinsman Falls in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. 

It was about halfway to the Kinsman falls when I spotted this cascade. I made my way down, but carefully as it had rained out earlier and everything was slippery.

For this shot I ended up jumping to a rock in the middle of the water, and set up my tripod in the water. The tricky part was packing it up and getting back to the mainland, as I didn't have much space on the rock.

I ended up folding the tripod up, but leaving it extended to use almost as a mini pole vault, just to be safe, as I didn't want to fall in the water with all my camera gear, that would have been no bueno.


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Forest Franconia Notch Kinsman Falls New Hampshire Waterfall White Mountains Wed, 10 Jul 2013 19:17:35 GMT
The Magnificent Metallic Monstrosity I doubt that's the name of it, though I think it's rather fitting. This was one of the marvels that greeted me as I arrived at La Defense, as I describe as the modern and almost futuristic area of Paris, France.

When I saw it, I stood there and stared at it for a few minutes. I was trying to figure out what it was, why it was there, and what, if anything, it did. And I realized, I hadn't had that feeling in quite a while. Perhaps it was because I was so shell shocked already by not expecting this in Paris, but it was refreshing bewilderment.


A giant piece of abstract art in La Defense, which is in Paris, France.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Architecture Cityscape Europe France HDR La Defense Paris Tue, 09 Jul 2013 16:23:05 GMT
The Stained Glass of Chateau de Vincennes This is the large front window of the Chapel at Chateau de Vincennes. This was perhaps one of my favorite new places that I visited. I'll talk more about the Chateau in depth in another post I have planned.

I entered the chapel and took a moment to take in the beauty and history of it, to immerse myself in the magnitude of where I was and who was here before me.

After that, I was off to find the best angles and areas to photograph. Then I happened to look up and saw this amazing window with this beautiful light just pouring in. I searched around and realized there was a set of stairs up to the balcony where the window was. 

After quite a bit of steep and narrow spiraling steps upwards I reached the balcony and set up for the shot. Thankfully they didn't seem to care about the tripod.


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Architecture Castle Chateau de Vincennes Church Europe France HDR Historic Paris Travel Mon, 08 Jul 2013 19:04:34 GMT
The Moonlit Falls This is one of my favorite waterfalls in New Hampshire, Kinsman Falls. It's in Franconia Notch, part of the White Mountains, and not too far from The Basin, another beautiful waterfall.

It's a bit of a hike in, and can be treacherous to get down to the level of the falls, but it's well worth it. There's a few other interesting falls as well on the way in you can see from the trail.


The Kinsman Falls in Franconia Notch New Hampshire.                                                                                                     Order a Print of this photo

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Forest Franconia Notch HDR Kinsman Falls Landscape New Hampshire Travel Waterfall White Mountains Sun, 07 Jul 2013 19:14:12 GMT
The Midnight Bridge It was another long day in Paris when I decided to make it an even longer night. I made a rough plan and set out for the metro. I went around a few places, taking photos and enjoying the late hours of Paris, which I didn't get to do as much as I'd like. It's so much more beautiful at night. 

I ended up by the Pont Alexandre III, which is one of my favorite bridges in all of Paris ! It was getting late, so I decided after this I'd hit Invalides and call it a night, as it was almost 3 in the morning at that time.

I set up my shot and waited for a few cars to head my way to add to the photo, in the meantime I was watching what seemed to be a wedding party or something on La Seine below, across from me.

I made sure I got the shots I wanted, packed up my bag and headed off for invalides.


Le Pont Alexandre III past midnight in Paris.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 City Cityscape Europe France HDR Night Paris Pont Alexandre III Travel Urban Sat, 06 Jul 2013 17:24:06 GMT
Explosions in the Sky I'll start off by hoping everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday ! Mine was great, except for the mosquitos which I'll get into soon enough. 

I had planned to go into Boston, but once I started reading the reports of the random security scans and them not allowing backpacks in public areas, I was bothered by that idea so I chose not to go and support that behavior. For I believe in the words of Benjamin Franklin when he said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." But I digress.

So going in at night for the fireworks was still an option, but was it the one I wanted to choose ? Because I also had the idea of hiking a small local mountain, Horn Pond Mountain in Woburn, with a great view of Boston in the distance, and try to get some interesting shots from there. I decided to be lazy and skip the efforts of going into Boston, and made preparations for my night time hike, which included layers of bug spray (which did absolutely nothing).

Bags were packed, equipment was checked and it was off to the trail ! I got up there about 10 minutes early, and I could already see the massive amounts of mosquitos everywhere and contemplated if I wanted to stick it out for the whole 30 minutes. But once the fireworks started going off and I was shooting, it didn't matter.

So after the fireworks ended, I packed up my gear, took my flashlight out, and began my descent, away from the swarms of mosquitos. Even though I put about 3 layers of bug spray on, I must have gotten at least 10 bites. Who said photography is easy ?


4th of July fireworks over Boston.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 4th of July Boston Cityscape Colors Fireworks July Night Fri, 05 Jul 2013 16:23:05 GMT
The Flag of the U.S.S Wasp It was my first time on an Aircraft Carrier, and it was quite an experience ! The shear mass and size of these things is almost incomprehensible, let alone that it's sitting peacefully on top of the water, which seems like utter magic for something almost the size of a street !

I wandered around a bit checking out some of the tanks and other vehicles and weaponry and trying to imagine what it would be like to live and work on on this mammoth.

I ended up on the top deck and was checking out one of the war helicopters and I noticed a beautiful view of the city and skyline, as well as a large American Flag blowing in the wind. I felt drawn to wait for a good gust to come by to infuse both elements into one image.

I share this photo with you today, on the 4th of July, more in the honor and pride of what America was, more than what it is becoming, on the ideals, rather than the reality. This country was, and still is, one of the greatest on the planet, especially by comparison; but it could be, and should be much more, as it's founders had intended it to be.

On this day I would ask you to really think about what today is, what it stands for, and more so what it took to make it possible, not just summer fun and barbecuing, such as how President's day has become the day to get a good deal on a car.

I wish you and yours a very happy 4th of July !


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) Boat Boston Carrier City Clouds Harbor Navy Skyline U.S.S Wasp Thu, 04 Jul 2013 19:23:16 GMT
The Steampunk Underground I passed by this station almost every day on my travels with the Metro in Paris. It was only on the one day that I actually got off to switch trains there that I found this awesome station, as the whole station isn't like this, such as the station my line went through.

It was beautiful ! The walls were all copper, and the lighting was reflecting off all the metallic surfaces everywhere ! There were also portholes all along the walls with interesting displays that were glimpses into "other worlds" inside.

After finding this station, I'd get off when ever I passed by it to try to find the least busy time to photograph it, as the Metro is always jam packed and I didn't want that many people in the photo. 

So I did this quite a few times, and then would just get back on the next train to where I was going, as they come every 3 or 4 minutes so it's not a big inconvenience.

Then I got there one day at just the right time, when the station was very quiet, and I set up my shot and waited for the train to come speeding into the station. And it was the perfect timing too, because just after I got the shot a couple of French police came to tell me that I couldn't have my tripod open in the Subway. (They really don't like tripods anywhere in Paris) But thankfully I already got the shot I wanted, so I packed up and headed on my way.


The Steampunk Underground - A stop on the Metro in Paris.

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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Cityscape Copper Europe France HDR June Metal Metro Paris Steampunk Subway Train Travel Wed, 03 Jul 2013 17:17:26 GMT
The Shining Tower So I arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport at around 7 in the morning after a long day of travelling to find out it's pouring out. And as the adventurer that I am, I refused to book a shuttle or cab because the journey is just as important as the destination, except when it's pouring out and you're exhausted with 3 bags. I complained for a few minutes, then boarded my hour long bus ride, then ran to the Metro at Opera, took a couple trains and ran through some more rain and made it to my shelter.

My first few days in Paris were rather stormy weather, and I had already learned to be cautious since my first day, when it appeared to stop raining, I went out to grab some photos and the sky just opened up and poured with such force that I ran as fast as I could back. I arrived soaked to the bone and needed to air out my camera bag for a day.

So after about 2 days the weather settled down and I figured it was time to start my adventures, and where better to start than the Eiffel Tower ? That's what everyone wants to see anyways. So I jumped the metro over to Trocadero, and it was still very cloudy out, but they were very dramatic and interesting storm clouds, and the sun would slightly break out with a light golden color every so often. So I waited for some of that soft golden light to break through to get this, my first shot of the trip of La Tour Eiffel. Enjoy.


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[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Cityscape Eiffel Tower Europe France Paris Travel Tue, 02 Jul 2013 15:34:42 GMT
The Hidden Castle So on the less morbid side of the Catacombs, there are also some interesting art displays that have turned up in them as well over time.

This is a miniature sculpture or carving of a castle built in a recess in the catacombs. I'm not too sure when or why this particular one was built, but I do know that a lot of the catacombs, mostly the illegal ones, are great destinations for artists to go and create some amazing works.

I was very interested in visiting these illegal catacombs, of which there are over 300 miles of below the city of Paris, but to do so safely requires quite a bit of preparation and planning of which I didn't have the time for. But I did come across one of the mysterious people that gives secret expeditions of them, so perhaps next time I'll venture a bit more off the beaten path as they say.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 60D Amazing Art Bone Wall Bones Canon Canon 60D Capital Castle Catacombes Catacombes de Paris Catacombs Catholic Church City Dead Death Details District Europe European Francais France French God Gothic Grave Heads Historic June Light Lines Macabre Metropolitan Ossuary Our Lady of Paris Paris Parisien Photographer Region Religion Remains Republic Romans Région Parisienne Sean Gold Seine Skeleton Skulls Texture Tradition Travel Tunnels Underground île de la cité îledefrance Mon, 01 Jul 2013 15:13:01 GMT
The Skull Wall of Le Catacombes de Paris So I've always heard about The Catacombes de Paris, but I never got around to visiting them, until now.

I spent the night at a friends house in Paris, who lived conveniently close to the entrance of the Catacombs. I woke up somewhat early, packed up my bags and checked all my gear, then did some last minute research online. I saw that (thank the Gods) I can use my tripod !

I was out the door and walking to the entrance, it was about a 30 minute walk from where I was, not counting the couple wrong turns I made.

So I get there, and begin my descent of I believe 130 steps down into a 3 mile long section of the Catacombs.

For the first little stretch I was packed in with some other people, but as you get into the tunnels, you tend to separate, till I was alone, besides the bones of the 6 million bodies of course.

There's also a lot of eerie and cryptic sayings carved into stones on the walls, speaking of Gods, Devils, and monsters. The feeling started to sink in the more I processed the idea that I'm a few hundred feet below Paris, alone, in a tunnel with millions of skeletons, and cryptic messages carved into the walls. But I pulled myself together and carried on.

I got quite a few interesting images from there, including today's photo of one of the walls of bones, decorated with human skulls in an interesting and eerie pattern.

I'll be continuing this story with more images and more details of the Catacombs in another post.


The bones and skulls of human remains stacked to form a wall and macabre art.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 60D Amazing Art Bone Wall Bones Canon Canon 60D Capital Catacombes Catacombes de Paris Catacombs Catholic Church City Dead Death Details District Europe European Francais France French God Gothic Grave Heads Historic June Light Lines Macabre Metropolitan Ossuary Our Lady of Paris Paris Parisien Photographer Region Religion Remains Republic Romans Région Parisienne Sean Gold Seine Skeleton Skulls Texture Tradition Travel Tunnels Underground île de la cité îledefrance Sun, 30 Jun 2013 15:54:40 GMT
Prayers at Notre Dame The question I find myself asking is "How risky am I feeling? ", as I wait in the line to enter the Notre Dame Cathedral, for this is one place they don't like you to use a tripod. I see a lot of workers there and decide I'll have to go hand held and hope for the best, because by the time I got set up I'd have heard the word "tripod" with a very French accent, preceded by the word "no", which seems to be a very popular phrase in Paris.

After I entered and walked around a little I came across an area with a few pews and one man praying with this brilliant beam of light shining on him. I almost didn't bother to take the shot because it was so dark in there I figured there's no way I could get it, but I stood firm, said my own prayers and fired off my bracket, to be pleasantly surprised when I returned home.

I really like this image, but I just find it interesting that people would come to such a "touristy" and noisy place to say they're prayers. I understand it is a church, and a famous and beautiful one at that, and that you're suppose to remain silent out of respect, but since when have tourists been known to be respectful ?



[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 60D Amazing Archbishop Architecture Art Canon Capital Cathedral Catholic Cathédrale Church City Colors Columns Details District Europe France French Glass God Gothic HDR Historic Jesus June Light Lines Man Metropolitan Mood Northern Notre Dame Notre Dame de Paris Our Lady of Paris Painting Paris Perfect Person Photographer Prayers Praying Region Religion Republic Région Parisienne République Française Sean Gold Sean Gold Photography Seine Shot Stained Glass State Texture Travel Urban Western Windows île de la cité îledefrance Sat, 29 Jun 2013 15:56:58 GMT
Le Pont des Arts Le Pont des Arts is a wooden foot bridge crossing La Seine near The Louvre, and in the last few years a tradition has developed to go there with a lover, put a cadenas d'amour, or in English "padlock of love" (though everything sounds better in French), on the bridge railing, write your initials on the cadenas d'amour, and then throw the key into la Seine, signifying that as long as that lock stays firm, so shall your love, or so the story goes.

I find the locks on this bridge one of the most beautiful things in Paris, not only the physical form, but more the idea they represent; their symbolism is beautiful. Like love, the locks are strong, they are designed to protect and to always hold onto what they have found with all that they have, and if what they hold onto is removed from them against their will, they are considered broken, like the heart. 

Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
[email protected] (Sean Gold) 2013 Bridge Canon 60D Capital City Cityscape Europe Famous France French HDR Historic Iledefrance Island June La Seine Lock Locks Louvre Love Love Padlocks Metal Metropolitan Padlocks Paris Parisien Path Pont Pont Des Arts Railing River Romance Romantic Sean Gold Seine Symbol Tradition Travel Urban Wood Fri, 28 Jun 2013 14:45:33 GMT
Beauty by La Seine I'm on the metro, it's close to sunset, and I'm heading towards Pont Alexandre III. I'm wondering if she'll be there or not, as I realize I told her Pont Neuf, which is on the other side of Paris and not the bridge I meant. My hope is that she realized from my description of the bridge which one I meant and that I have no idea of what I'm talking about.

So I get off at Invalides and head over to the bridge, to which she informs me she's running a little late and that she knew where I meant. So I take the chance to check out the area a little better and get some ideas of where to shoot, along with the other 15 photographers there that also happened to like the bridge, what a touristy move Sean...

So Ambreen (model) arrives and after about 4 minutes on the phone trying to locate each other on the bridge, we identify each other and start snapping away.


We started by the bridge then walked around a bit, taking photos along the way, aiming to loop back to Pont Alexandre III, where we started.

I thought about going near the Eiffel Tower, since we were very close, but I felt that was too clichy and chose to avoid it.



I was looking for pockets of light from the setting sun, for I think that's some of the more interesting light. I also wanted to try to get down to a newly renovated area of the Seine that I was eyeing for a couple days, but it was blocked off all around, and I know because I checked. I really wanted to shoot there.. :(



So after about an hour or so of shooting we decided that it was enough for the day and that we got some great shots, so she went her way, and I tried to find mine.

It was great working with her and everything went very well, although I never really feel comfortable shooting in very busy places, like Paris, although I can imagine it must be 10x more uncomfortable for her in that sense; but she did a fantastic job !

Sean Gold

[email protected] (Sean Gold) City Europe France French La Seine Model Paris Portrait Thu, 27 Jun 2013 15:30:23 GMT
The Past Midnight Cafe It was one of the few nights I was able to roam around the city until 4 in the morning, which was almost required if I wanted to get my night photos, as the sun doesn't set until about 10PM and then it doesn't get dark till about 11PM. 

This must be amazing for the tourist, but not so much for the photographer.

During one late night wanderings through the beautiful city of lights, I came across this quaint little Parisien cafe named "Cafe le Flores" on the corner and really liked the look of it. I played around with how I would shoot it for a few minutes, til I realized the best place would be close to the middle of the street. Luckily, since it was almost 2 in the morning or so, I didn't have to worry much about traffic, but if you see how the people in Paris drive, you'd understand how scared I was anyways.


The Midnight Cafe in ParisThe Midnight Cafe

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Cafe Flores France HDR Long Exposure Midnight Night Paris Wed, 26 Jun 2013 13:58:16 GMT
The Burning Tower It was a mild summer evening after a long day of adventuring through the city of Paris, and what better thing to do than to have a pic-nic on le Champs de Mars, the fields directly behind le Tour Eiffel.

So I met with some friends and we claimed a small area on the grass and threw down a blanket, followed by baskets of breads, cheeses, cold cuts and of course wine.

Fortunately I hardly ever leave my camera at home and I noticed behind us there was an amazing sunset behind the Eiffel Tower, so I momentarily abandoned my piece of bread and ran off to take this image.


Le Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower) at Sunset.The Burning Tower

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Champs de Mars Eiffel Tower France HDR Paris Sky Sunset Tour Eiffel Tue, 25 Jun 2013 13:34:58 GMT
Fountain of the Concorde Hey there !

It's been a little while since my last post, and that's because I've just spent the better half of a month in Paris and just got back a few days ago. I was extremely busy over there trying to take it all in and balance my time to fit everything in that I had wanted to do, and because of that here I am back home with about 3,500 images to sort through *sigh*

I've got a bit of work to do to get back in the swing of things and play catch up, and also to kick this little cold I caught somewhere on the way back.

So to the point, I had an idea to try to change the style of my blog, even though I've just started it, I'm thinking of instead of just waiting to recant a whole story once a week with many photos, I'd try to do a single photo everyday with it's own story. I'm not sure if it'll turn out the way I'd like but the only way to find out is to give it a shot ! Though I would still like to include more in-depth posts now and again of more noteworthy adventures or experiences (such as Paris) but they will be more at random as I can foresee at this point. If you follow along I'd like to hear your input of which format you like better, or if you have any other ideas as well ! So now, onto to the daily photo !


A beautiful fountain at Place de la Concorde in Paris, France.NVS_9915


This is one of the fountains at Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. This was one of my first few days in Paris and I had been all around the city that day jumping the metro, till I decided to end my day at le Arc de Triomphe for the sunset, which is just down the Champs Elysees from Place de la Concorde. This is where I realized I was about 3 hours too early, as in the summer months the sun does not set until about 10:00PM, and the lights don't come on till roughly 10:35PM, which was not happy news for me as I had lots of plans for the night, and very few hours of it. I also learned this trip that here, Place de la Concorde, formerly known as Place de la Revolution, was where Marie Antoinette was beheaded publicly in 1793. It's rather amazing when you learn these things of these places that you go to and think nothing of it, then you learn what happened where you stand right now is one of the most famous acts of history, especially if you allow the thought to sink in your mind.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Concorde Fountain France HDR Long Exposure Marie Antoinette Night Paris Travel Twilight Sun, 23 Jun 2013 19:30:22 GMT
I now Walk; Into the Wild The stars are bright, the air is clean, the sound is beautiful, and the world is Green.


New Hampshire White Mountains Trees Green HDR Forest


Since I was a small child I had been venturing to the great White Mountains in New Hampshire; mostly with my father and a tent. We'd often spend upwards of 3 weeks at a time camping in the wilderness of the White Mountains. So I guess you could say I've always had an appreciation and wonder for nature, solitude and natural life. I could remember walking to get water late at night and looking up to the clear mountain skies and seeing more stars than I could ever count in a lifetime. But as of late it had been some time since I had made the journey up North, a couple of summers and winters had past since I had seen these beautiful behemoths of soil and rock. I thought it was time enough to change that; especially after discovering one of my new favorite films "Into the Wild", which I would highly recommend to anyone reading this.

Mirror Lake New Hampshire Thornton Water Mountains Sunset


The first day I arrived I chose to make the trip to a local lake, by the name of Mirror Lake. As soon as I arrived I had seen a beautiful loon in the middle of the lake, which I had not seen one of these beautiful creatures in a very long time. The sun was setting and light was fading so I setup my shots and departed, but not for too long...


Night Mirror Lake Stars Mountains Sean Gold New Hampshire ThorntonMidnight in the Mountains


Once the sun had set and the light had faded to darkness, I returned to Mirror Lake. It was unfortunately a full moon, so I wasn't greeted with the "star rich" sky I had remembered as a child, but I was just thankful that the overcast had cleared up and I could see any stars at all. I spent a good amount of time there, seeing as every exposure was taking about 2 minutes or so.


River Stream Sean Gold New Hampshire HDR White Mountains Nature


The next day I would head into Franconia Notch State Park for some adventures; starting at a beautiful stream I decided to hike down to in flip-flops, which is much more difficult when you have a backpack full of camera equipment, but well worth it.


River Stream Sean Gold New Hampshire HDR White Mountains Nature


While I was there I decided to take a little behind the scenes shot, because to me the process is just as beautiful as the final image, if not more so. It is overwhelming to be surrounded by such beauty, and attempt to convey it in a two dimensional format, let alone any format lesser than the human eye; in conjunction with the heart. But time was limited and it was time to hike back up the steep slope, yet again in my flip flops..*sigh*


The Basin Sean Gold New Hampshire HDR Water White Mountains


For my next destination I would venture to an old favorite spot, The Basin. It's a beautiful natural, almost water park you could say, though you can not swim there. And it was here (not this exact location) that I had taken an image several years ago that would later gain me entry to The Griffin Museum of Photography in their Juried Selection.


The Basin Sean Gold New Hampshire HDR Water White Mountains


This here is the actual Basin, for which the area is named after. It was scrubbed out by stones dragged by the retreating North American ice sheet, and made smooth by 15 millennia of rapidly whirling pebbles and grit. It is truly an amazing sight to view and contemplate. And that would draw and end to the day, but I would return to the Notch once the sun had risen again.

Bald Mountain New Hampshire Franconia Notch White Mountains Cannon Sean Gold Sky Clouds


The next day was very overcast in most areas and I was skeptical if I would capture anything interesting; only to be proven very wrong. My first destination, as you can see above, is Bald Mountain, which is a hike I've done numerous times.  Once I reached the top I was able to see the amazing cloud formation that had been apparently trapped in the valley of the Notch. I watched it as it streamed over Cannon Mountain and down the valley, then up again and over another mountain where it would dissipate into the open winds. Truly amazing.


Kinsman Falls New Hampshire White Mountains Sean Gold HDR Franconia Notch


From there I headed off to hike to the Kinsman falls, also located in Franconia Notch, where I came across this fall on my way to it. (Above)


Kinsman Falls New Hampshire White Mountains Sean Gold HDR Franconia Notch


Then after a good while hiking in some very wet and sloppy conditions due to the heavy rains the previous night, I had arrived to the Kinsman falls.


Kinsman Falls New Hampshire White Mountains Sean Gold HDR Franconia Notch


It really was a beautiful waterfall, and the view was great from the trail, but I felt the need to hike down the steep slope (this time with hiking boots, sans flip-flops) and then make my way to the wet, slippery, narrow rocks to where I would attempt to setup my shot without anything falling off and into the water; including myself.


Kinsman Falls New Hampshire White Mountains Sean Gold HDR Franconia Notch


It was honestly more than a little nerve racking trying to work with expensive equipment and on such a small and slippery work space, and also for my own safety, but I was determined to capture this the way I had envisioned it.


Kinsman Falls New Hampshire White Mountains Sean Gold HDR Franconia Notch

Once I was satisfied and felt that I covered the shots I wanted, I quickly began retreating to safety, where I could let out a good sigh of relief. I then began the trek back to the trail head, thinking of all the awesome images I had captured on this adventure, needless to say there was a smile on my face.

I have always loved nature, and even so much more so since I began my photographic journey, that it felt rather amazing to be back in the mountains after such a long hiatus. But at the same time my absence made the heart grow strong and allowed me to see things with fresh and open eyes.

And to draw the curtains on this adventure, I feel it appropriate to share the beautiful words of William Shakespeare -

"And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything."

So get out there and enjoy this beautiful world around us, and find your own adventures, wherever they may be !


Until next time,


Sean Gold, signing off.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Cannon Mountain Franconia Notch Kinsman Falls Mountains New Hampshire The Basin White Mountains Mon, 27 May 2013 18:09:21 GMT
The Tale of Two Zoos

Spring is here and adventures are bound ! 

So I thought what better way to follow up from my whale watch than by going to The Stone Zoo and then a few days later going to The Franklin Park Zoo ! I had a great time at both, and would recommend either, unfortunately some of the animals at The Franklin Park Zoo weren't out yet at the time of my visit, such as the giraffes, due to the still chilly weather. Also, unfortunately I won't be able to post all the great images I got so I'll be highlighting my favorites and share the rest elsewhere, so let's begin..


Peacock Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography Spring


Things were in bloom, the weather was nice and it had been a long winter so it was time to get back outside and have some more adventures. I started with The Stone Zoo mainly because it was closer and more convenient to visit. I hadn't been to the Zoos around Boston in a very long time, so I wasn't sure what to expect. 


Jaguar Stone Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography Animal Cat

There were quite a few interesting exhibits at The Stone Zoo, such as this Jaguar, unfortunately I won't speak too much about it mainly because due to their cages and viewing areas, I found it difficult to get high quality images, and well, that's what this is all about, the images. But for viewing and experience, there's a great amount to see and some awesome exhibits, just not too friendly to my lens. But probably the best thing they had was the open air bird show, which is very entertaining as well as informative.


Bald Eagle Stone Zoo New England Bird Sean Gold Photography

You take a seat, listen to some really tacky kid music for a few minutes and next thing you know a Bald Eagle swoops over you head seemingly out of nowhere. This was their Bird Show, which they do a few times a day at certain times which you can find on their website. The birds fly on their own and are not restricted or caged in by any sort. It's a much better viewing experience than watching these amazing creatures only cooped up in a cage.


Owl Stone Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

They have a wide variety of birds that they bring out for the show, from small birds to large, and quite a few talented ones as well.


Owl Stone Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

This show is also a great time to get some close up shots of the animals without cages or glass in your way. There's also some interactive parts as well, but I'll let you experience the show yourself to get the whole story, but it's definitely worth seeing if you're at The Stone Zoo.


Bald Eagle Stone Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

For the sake of time and also the lack of the images that I deem of a high quality, that's it for The Stone Zoo, but again I want to state, it's not due to a lack of exhibitions, rather the difficult photographic challenges to get images of high technical quality. 

White Bengal Tiger Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography Animal

So a few days following my trip to The Stone Zoo, I thought I might visit The Franklin Park Zoo as well, seeing as I haven't been there since I was toddler, or so I've been told..

It was a beautiful day for an adventure as I arrived at The Franklin Park Zoo. I got my ticket and first thing I saw was a couple of Zebras rolling around in the distance making a big cloud of dust. I had a good feeling and went off to the first exhibit I wanted to see; The Tigers.


White Bengal Tiger Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

Ever since I was a small child the White Bengal Tiger had always been my favorite animal without question. I haven't seen one in a very long time before this, and attempted to while I was in Miami, as they have one at the Zoo Miami, but unfortunately he was ill at the time of my visit and not out.


White Bengal Tiger Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

I could sit there and watch these magnificent creatures all day. But there was much more to see, such as the first photo in the blog of the Peacock, which was wandering freely around The Franklin Park Zoo. So I said my goodbyes and headed off to continue my adventure.


Gorilla Monkey Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

I eventually ended up in the indoor Gorilla Exhibit which was very cool, and this was one of my favorite images; Gorilla=1 Human=0. They had quite a bit of exhibits on the inside that were pretty cool, but hard to photograph with the low light levels.


Lemur Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

I then came across another of my favorite animals; the lemur. These guys are just awesome characters. They're always very expressive and active, and they love the camera too.


Lemur Babies Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

And even better, they just had 2 twin lemur babies that were only 1 month old. They were adorable. I watched them for a few then they started to feed and I was off to see what else there was.


Lemur Mother Feeding Baby Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

I didn't get too far till I came across my next interest; the Ocelot. It's a small animal and very cute, the famous artist Salvador Dali actually kept one of these as a pet. Plus how cool of a name is Ocelot ? Reminds me of my Metal Gear Solid days... Anyways, on we go.


Ocelot Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

And we'll end it with a very cool baboon that I forgot the actual name of, but he looked like the one from Lion King. It was very dark and difficult to get a good shot, but patience paid off as it usually does and I got it.


Baboon Franklin Park Zoo New England Sean Gold Photography

So these are some of the highlights from my Zoo adventures ! I wouldn't have enough time or space to talk about everything, so I highly suggest you check these guys out for yourself in person ! It's a great day out and great cause to support. 


I hope you enjoyed the images and some of my experiences and that maybe you'll go experience it for yourself as well,


Until the next Adventure,

Sean Gold signing off.

[email protected] (Sean Gold) Animals Baboon Eagle Franklin Park Zoo Jaguar Ocelot Owl Stone Zoo Tiger Zoo Sun, 12 May 2013 19:01:09 GMT
A Spring Afternoon in Boston and The Public Gardens

Hey there, welcome back for my third post, which will somewhat be a continuation from my last post, A Whales Tale.

Tulips in Spring at The Public Gardens in Boston Sean Gold

So first, to jump back a little bit, not too far, just the day before this Sunday. So on the Saturday before, I visited the Public Gardens for the first time this Spring and all the flowers were tightly closed, rolled in their buds. I was wondering when they would explode with their beauty, days, weeks ? None the less they were still worth taking a few shots of.


Tulips Closed Public Gardens Spring Boston Flowers Sean Gold


So now we fast forward back to the day in question, Sunday after the Whale Watch.

We got back and docked in Boston around 2 O'clock and that left plenty of daylight to explore with. My destination was the Public Gardens, but I thought I'd take the scenic route and see a few things on the way, so I headed up through Faneuil Hall, past Government Center and stopped at some of the old historic cemeteries.


Boston Cemetery Historic History Sean Gold


I enjoyed the sense of history there for a few then headed on up till I reached the Boston Commons, to where I went up Park Street towards the State House and headed for Beacon Hill. I wandered those streets for a while aimlessly, just enjoying the sweet Spring moment. 


Boston Spring Beacon Hill Sean Gold

After I had enough of that it was time to get my bearings back and make haste for The Public Gardens. And if you were wondering for what reason I jumped back to the previous day in the beginning of the post, it's because as soon as I reached The Gardens, I saw that almost all the flowers were in full bloom, as if simply overnight the world came even more alive.


Tulips Bloom Boston Public Gardens Spring Sean Gold

The gardens were buzzing with life, like an oasis in a mechanical and concrete dessert, a refuge from the hustle of everyday life. There were marriages, singers, bands, artists, and plenty of other "photographers" with their pop up flashes going off in the midst of the day. It was so much to take in, I began making my laps, first observing a man painting the flowers near one of the main entrances. I believe he was using chalk or some sort of pastels, but it was beautiful.


Artist Painter Boston Public Gardens Sean Gold Flowers Spring

After this I made a few more laps, took a few more photos, then my tiredness had started to take it's toll. I ended up wandering to the edge of the pond and just laying down on the grass, sans blanket or towel, watching the world go by. After about 15 minutes I threw my backpack behind my head and with the warm sun on my face, the cool grass below me, decided I'd take a nap right there in the Gardens.

Artist Painter Public Gardens Boston Spring Painting Sean Gold

I awoke about 45 minutes later to some ducks quacking next to me and figured it was time to stop being lazy and move on. As I got up I noticed there was a woman painting right near me and decided to watch her for a little. I always wished I could paint but I oddly never had the dexterity for it, although my hand eye co-ordination is rather spectacular, drawing and painting has always eluded me, which is why I use a camera. I always feel that I photograph as an artist, or a painter, rather than a photographer. Not always what it is, but what I see it to be. 


Boston Spring Public Gardens Tulips Flowers Swan Boats Sean Gold

I began roaming the Gardens once again trying to find "THE" shot for the day, but it was hard to not get lost in the beauty of it all and forget to photograph it.


Flowers Tulips Bloom Spring Boston Sean Gold Public Gardens

Time was drifting by and I felt it was time to start wrapping things up and get ready to head back home. That was until I saw this beautiful tree, surprisingly void of people and at just the right moment a breeze blew through and took all the white petals and fluttered them about, as in a Japanese Samurai movie during a duel. It was spectacular, and it was "THE" shot I was looking for, as the petals danced about breeze.


Petals Tree Spring Public Gardens Boston Spring Sean Gold

From there I decided I'd head up to Boylston Street and grab a couple bagels at Finagle A' Bagel before I departed. On my way back I came across one of the memorials for the victims of Marathon Bombing. I paid my respects and then headed off.


Boston Marathon Bombing Boylston Memorial Sean Gold

As I headed back through the Gardens, and the Commons, I reflected on what a beautiful day it had been, and all the great images I had captured. I wish I lived right in Boston next to the Gardens so that I could do that every day for the Spring, because I'm too lazy otherwise.

There's still time to enjoy Spring time in the Gardens and Boston in general so get on out there and enjoy life and the beauty of it all !

Until next time,

Sean Gold signing off.


Spring Flowers Blooming Bloom Tulips Boston Public Gardens Sean Gold


[email protected] (Sean Gold) Beacon Hill Bloom Boston Boylston Flowers Public Gardens Spring Tulips Sun, 05 May 2013 16:58:06 GMT
A Whales Tale


So here begins my second blog post, and already I'm off by a day, but with good cause. What I'll posting about is on what I did yesterday, which was going Whale Watching to kick off the Spring time in New England, and take some fun photos.


Humpback Whale Tail Sean Gold


Batteries charged, lenses cleaned, accessories packed and out the door by 9:00 Sunday morning. I haven't been whale watching since I was a child and don't remember it well anyways, so I wasn't sure what to expect. 

Things started off a little rocky when I was lead to believe that the boat had left before I had arrived by someone who shall not be named, and the day appeared to have ended before it began. But as you can imagine they jumped to conclusions, scared me half to death, and the boat was on the other side of the dock. So we boarded the craft and the voyage began.

Finback Whale Sean Gold


It was about an hour out to where the whales were grouping so we mostly chatted and attempted to fight off sea sickness, some better than others unfortunately, till we got out there. Then the boat came to what seemed like a gearing halt and immediately following the captain announced the first whale has been spotted starboard of the craft.

Lenses were switched hastily, and I ran to the upper deck to get a look. All I saw for the first few minutes was a vast expanse of nothing but glistening ocean. All seemed calm and empty till a blast of water shot up followed by a large fin. It was a Finback whale, second largest only to the Blue whale, skimming near the top of the water. The shutter was firing, then he submerged once again, and now it was my prerogative to anticipate where this bus sized creature would surface next. 


Finback Whale Feeding Sean Gold


I then spotted him again feeding just below the surface of the water with his cave sized mouth open. I was able to see his eye, which was about the size of a softball. And was once again in awe of nature and the complexity that we are surrounded by on this planet, as I stared at this tractor-trailer sized behemoth only a couple hundred feet away from me that feeds on some of the smallest food sources out there.

Finback Whale Sean Gold
We trolled along for another few hours seeing mostly Finback and Humpback whales, a few up close, more a bit off in the distance. There was a lot of great viewing, unfortunately there were no epic "OMG" moments, such as a full body breach (jump) or anything like that, belittling of my constant attempts at Aquaman-like telekinesis wishing them to do so.


Finback Whale Feeding Sean Gold


So our time was running out and it was time to head back to port. The ride back was much more enjoyable than going out, mostly because we were going with the wind, rather than against it, as on the way out. We were satisfied with the trip, even though there was nothing uber visually spectacular, but in the scheme of things, considering it was my first trip when most go on dozens to get "that shot", I think it was rather successful.


Humpback Whale Tail Sean Gold


We made it back to port in Boston and then the question was "Do I call it a day and go home, or take advantage of this beautiful day and  explore Boston in the Spring?" So my friend and I parted ways promptly and I was off around the city, just me and my camera. Since that was it's own adventure by itself, that will probably be my next post, so to give a teaser to that, I'll throw in one photo from a part of that adventure from The Public Gardens.


Flowers in the Public Gardens Boston Spring Tulips Sean Gold


Until next time,

Sean Gold signing off.


[email protected] (Sean Gold) Adventure Finback Fun Humpback Photograph Sightseeing Travel Whales Mon, 29 Apr 2013 18:52:35 GMT
Beauty/Fashion Portrait Shoot with Ashley Price


So this will be the start to my new ambition of blogging often and consistently of what's happening in my life behind the shutter. So this shoot was conceived as an absolute test with a new lighting system and setup that I've never used before, with just a hopeful vision in mind as to what it may produce. Luckily, the lovely Ashley Price was game to be my test subject, even with the chance of utter failure. (Maybe not utter, but you get the idea)

My main vision for this shoot was beauty type headshots and perhaps a few fashion type 3/4 shots and then experimenting with whatever else to see what worked and what didn't while we had the chance. So she showed up pretty much on time with her suitcase of clothes, accessories, and who knows what else, but it was rather heavy, and I knew this was going to be fun. So we got everything inside and got things setup and then began firing off the test shots so we could both get a feel for the setup. Luckily, Ashley is an amazing model so I didn't have to focus much on coaching her and was able to focus mainly on my lighting, which was a huge relief.


After the first few shots were taken and the settings were solid and consistent I could start to see that my predictions were pretty accurate and that the lighting and setup was amazing for the headshots and great for 3/4's but not so much for full bodies, as expected, but as in life, and especially photography, you never know what you're going to get until you try.


We hammered on, look after look, outfit after outfit, pose after pose, with the occasional goofy face to keep things fresh and loose. And after about half way through, I couldn't wait to get rid of her so I could process these images and see them really come to life as I had imagined them, since we had already got some amazing exposures much sooner than I expected. But then I remembered I had soccer after anyways and wouldn't be processing till that night regardless, so we turned up the house music and kept on shooting.

It finally got close to the time for my soccer game, plus the "talent" hadn't been fed and started feeling the effects of that so it seemed like a good time to call it a wrap and transfer the images over to have a quick peak at what we created. We both glared at the screen in excitement as the images were better than I think either of us expected, to be honest.


So to wrap up this story and my first blog post, everything turned out better than expected (As things often seem to do) but only because of the effort and planning put in by both parties. It doesn't matter how good you are at something, you can't do it all yourself, you need a good balance of responsibilities and good communication with your team, regardless if it's a team of 2 or 20.


So on that note, I'd just like to thank Ashley for being a great person to work with, not to mention a very talented model and aspiring make up artist, of which she did all her own styling, outfits, and makeup, by herself.

So thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed what you read and saw and if there's any comments or advice feel free to let me know what you think !

Until next time,

Sean Gold, signing off.



[email protected] (Sean Gold) Ashley Price Beauty Fashion Lighting Makeup Photography Portrait Sean Gold Styling Sun, 21 Apr 2013 18:42:42 GMT