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To order any of our prints, simply:

1) Click on any image you see on the blog or visit my portfolio and click on any image.

2) This will bring you to the image page and you will see the most popular items purchased on the right hand side of the image, or you can click "View more products" in the same area to see more options available.

3) Pick your favorite size and style then you are done!

There are many shapes, sizes, and varieties available. Thanks again :)





Premium Canvas Gallery Wrap 

The image will be printed on genuine artist canvas giving it a classic texture and distinctive artistic look, and with pigment based inks for exceptional fade resistance. 

Your canvas will always look as tight and flat as the day it was made. Every frame is built with a solid face to support the canvas and keep it from deforming and loosening. 

Your canvas will arrive finished and ready to hang. No staples. Perfectly clean look. Hanging hardware is pre-installed.

Your canvas print will be finished off with a clear acrylic coating, providing a very scratch resistant protective layer with a satin luster. 



Aluminium Art


Aluminium Art is one of the newest and cutting edge technologies of displaying art. It's like watching Hi-Definition TV. Imagine taking a solid sheet of Aluminium and infusing an image directly into it, well that is pretty much what Aluminium Art is.

High Definition Aluminum Art gives you a modern way to display your images and photos. The .045” thick aluminum photo panels have rounded corners and are coated with a gloss finish. Each panel includes a hanging wall mount on the back of the print. Perfect for updating your home décor.


  • HD Gloss finish with rounded corners
  • Measures .045” thick
  • The 5x7 panel includes double sided, foam-like tape and magnets for mounting
  • All prints, 8x10 or larger, come with mounting blocks attached to the back of the panel

We currently offer Aluminum Panels with two different base colors: White & Clear. For the most accurate and vibrant color representation, choose a white base. If one desires a “Metal Effect” with a metallic reflection accenting the artwork, choose the Clear base. Both are amazing and provide uniqueness to your artwork. Note that proper lighting is critical for the best display of this product.

These products make fabulous gifts!            

Clear Gloss

The Clear Gloss finish creates a transparent metallic look to your image.

White Gloss

The White Gloss finish is recommended for skin tones and more vivid color reproduction.

In my opinion, I've come to like the White Gloss finish for the majority of my images, though the Clear Gloss can really bring out the beauty of certain images as well. If you're not sure, feel free to write me for my opinion, or I feel the White Gloss is the safer bet of the two choices.